Rest in Gagra - photo. Summer vacation in Gagra 2015

Rest in Gagra

Rest in Gagra

Rest in Gagra - an Abkhaz resort, preferred by active, young, elderly people, couples with children: they are all attracted by the sea, local beauty, cuisine, ideal conditions for treatment.

The main types of recreation in Gagra

  • Excursion: as part of the excursion programs, you will be able to stroll through the Seaside Park, see the Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, the Abaat fortress, the Colonnade. It is worth noting that for those who wish, they can organize a trip to Lake Ritsa, Blue Lake, Gega waterfall.
  • Beach: if you wish, you can relax on the wide and long sandy and pebble beaches. The beaches of Old Gagra (small, medium and large pebbles) are popular among connoisseurs of secluded relaxation - there are practically no attractions here. But the beaches of New Gagra (small pebbles with a sandy strip) are always crowded and noisy, and all thanks to the water attractions available here, a tennis court, a park, a cafe and the ability to rent sun loungers, umbrellas, boats.
  • Active: active-minded tourists will be able to go diving, ride jet skis or banana boats, have fun in the water park, play tennis, fly paragliding, admire the Abkhaz nature by going on horseback riding. For those wishing to organize rafting on the Bzyb River (you can admire the picturesque places in the valley of the mountain river). Even beginners can go on such a tour, who do not have to worry about the possible risk, because they will be accompanied by an experienced instructor..
  • Therapeutic: in local sanatoriums and health institutions, they treat with heliotherapy, climatotherapy, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, aerofitotherapy. Doctors recommend to go here for those suffering from skin diseases, diseases of the respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal systems, circulatory organs, as well as gynecological patients.


The price level for tours to Gagra depends on the season. Travel agency managers advise their clients to go to Gagra in June-September, when the resort is in the midst of the high season. Despite this, prices do not rise much, only 15-25% compared to the low season. And you can save even more by buying a ticket to Gagra in October-April, as well as renting a house in the private sector, making a reservation in advance.

On a note!

When going on vacation to Gagra, it is advisable to pack a hat, light clothes, bathing accessories in a suitcase. If your plans include visiting the mountainous areas, do not forget to bring your backpack, comfortable clothes and shoes. It is advisable to take more cash to the resort, since there are very few ATMs here..

From Gagra it is worth bringing adzhika, homemade cheese, spices, chacha, Abkhaz tea, dagger, shell decorations, Abkhazian dzhezva.

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