Holidays in Abkhazia are traditions. National holidays of Abkhazia

Holidays of Abkhazia

Holidays of Abkhazia

Holidays in Abkhazia are a reflection of the diversity and richness of the culture of the local population. The festive calendar of the country contains both holidays celebrated since ancient times and those that have appeared quite recently..

The main holidays of Abkhazia

  • New Year (January 1): Abkhazians put boiled meat and chicken with spicy adjika, mamalyga and pies with cheese, fruits, sweets, homemade wine on the New Year's table. Traditionally, on New Year's Eve, children go to their neighbors to tell a rhyme and get sweets and other sweets for it. In honor of the holiday, folk festivals are organized, accompanied by songs and dances. In addition, garlands, sparklers are lit everywhere, and fireworks are launched into the sky..
  • Kyrsa (Christmas): according to custom, on the eve of January 7, you need to go to bed early in order to get up at midnight, read a prayer, and then eat chicken. Despite the fact that not everyone observes this custom, many Abkhazians love this holiday..
  • Kurbanykhua (Kurban-Bairam, September 23, 2015): on this day it is customary to make a sacrifice - to slaughter cattle and distribute meat to those in need, boarding schools, kindergartens, as well as commemorate the dead, go to the graves of deceased relatives, visit mosques, eat cooked meat for common meal.
  • Independence Day of Abkhazia: On September 30, everyone goes to concerts, a military parade (Freedom Square in Sukhumi) and sports events timed to coincide with this event, as well as having fun at festivities. On Independence Day, many people gather at the Memorial of Glory and the places where the defenders of the fatherland who died in the 1992-1993 war are buried, with the aim of laying wreaths and flowers.
  • Easter: Christian families on this day take out earthenware jugs of wine specially prepared for the holiday - it is customary to take part of the wine to the church (during the Liturgy, the priest prays for the family of those who brought the wine), and part to drink during the festive meal. In addition, Abkhazians slaughter a ram or a goat, and they also serve a special dish based on corn flour with the addition of cheese. - “ailage”.

Event tourism in Abkhazia

Fans of event tours in travel agencies are advised to visit Abkhazia during festivals. So, it is worth going to Sukhumi for the Art Festival “Eucalyptus wind of Abkhazia” (August). Within the framework of the festival, you can participate in creative competitions - “Art photo”, “Painting”, “Free form” (installations, sculptures). And the winners are awarded prizes and certificates. It is worth noting that if you wish, you can attend various master classes, for example, on decoupage - they invite not only adults, but also children..

Abkhazia is famous not only for its fabulous caves, Colchis forests and beautiful parks, but also for its holidays.


  • Holidays of Abkhazia
  • Holidays of Abkhazia
  • Holidays of Abkhazia