Features of Africa - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Africa

Africa is a continent with a rich and distinctive culture. What features of Africa should be taken into account by foreigners wishing to visit here?

Religious features

Christianity in Africa is notable for its unusual forms. At the present time, numerous cults continue to arise, which represent the unification of Christianity with elements of classical beliefs. Africans are confident that the world was created by ancestors who can be benefactors, but can also destroy. It often depends on the ancestors whether there will be a harvest, how things will develop. Living people should only maintain the universal status quo on a permanent basis, abandon attempts to change the world, otherwise punishment may come. Thus, the owners of the land are the ancestors, and those who are now living are the trustees. For this reason, Africans strive to observe the laws of nature, to honor the land.

What matters most to Africans?

Each nation has a special attitude to life. This is also evident in African culture. So what's the most important thing in life?

  • Everyone can become an ancestor and should strive for this..
  • In order to become an ancestor, you need to have your own descendants. In this regard, a large number of relatives, their own family are perceived as the main wealth.
  • Africans are very fond of children and strive to create large families..
  • Children must observe the cult of ancestors.

This worldview has a significant impact on the features of African culture and modern society. Despite the fact that similar elements exist in many cultures, it was in Africa that they became defining for people, because people remember about the connection with their ancestors all the time..

How do Africans live?

Today, as well as many centuries ago, the social organization in Africa is represented as a community. At the same time, 80 - 90% of people live within the community. Even if people live in modern cities, they strive to maintain connections. Thus, large families are created, whose members must help each other..