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West Africa

This region of the planet can hardly be called prosperous, wealthy or popular with tourists. West Africa is part of the black continent, where the standard of living of people is still so low that the vast majority of them go hungry every day..

Cards on the table!

In the north, the region's borders are in the Sahara, in the south and west, the region is washed by the waters of the Atlantic, in the east, the Cameroon Highlands serves as a reference point for geographers. In total, West Africa includes 16 states located in the zone of deserts, tropical forests and savannahs. The rainy seasons are interspersed with severe droughts in much of the region, and the many tropical infections do not add to the area's attractiveness as a tourist destination..

Cape Verde on the Black Continent

The archipelago and state of Cape Verde, which means "Cape Verde" in the local language, is a real paradise for those who decided to take a break from civilization in all its manifestations, and the only popular destination among tourists in western Africa.
The main advantage of Cape Verde is not comfortable hotels and well-groomed beaches, because with this here, just, everything is not at all simple. The main reason tens of thousands of people visit the Cape Verde Islands every year is for perfect surfing. The main center of this popular active water sport is located on the island of Sal, but Boa Vista, Santiago or São Nicolau are ready to offer their guests breathtaking waves and professional instructors of numerous surf cents. The city of Santa Maria on Sal Island boasts one of the five largest surfer clubs in the world, and the favorable climatic conditions allow the popular center to function in any season..

Immersion in a fairy tale

Diving in western Africa is the same Cape Verde Islands, whose underwater sites are well known to those who like to be in the kingdom of Neptune:

  •  In April, the most favorable period for diving begins, lasting until the end of November.
  • The average depth that divers can expect in western Africa is six to forty meters.
  • More than thirty dive sites await scuba enthusiasts on the island of Sal in the archipelago. Among them are coral reefs of amazing beauty, located at a depth of more than thirty meters, underwater caves and even sea vessels that sank during a shipwreck..

About fishermen and fish

During the migration of marine life in western Africa, tourists in Cape Verde have the opportunity to watch herds of whales and become participants in ocean fishing. Several world records for the size and weight of trophies caught were recorded in the Cape Verde Islands..