Rivers of Africa - photo, list, description

Rivers of Africa

Africa is a huge continent, through which a huge number of rivers flow. The rivers of Africa flow not only into the waters of the Atlantic, but the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.


The Nile is the longest river on the continent. Until recently, he also held the title of the longest river in the world, but it turned out that the Amazon «outdid» in this regard, it is as much as 140 kilometers.

In the waters of the Nile, however, as in other rivers on the continent, there is a huge variety of different types of fish. True, there are some subtleties here: fishing will be a comfortable leisure only late in the evening or at night. But don't forget to stock up on a mosquito and gloves, because the local insects are incredibly bloodthirsty..

On the Nile, you can catch the familiar perch, rudd and catfish. The perch takes the hook aggressively here. Especially if fishing is carried out on fillets of freshly caught fish, and therefore hooks must be chosen from the category «for catfish».

Do not forget that the Nile is an exotic river and crocodiles are found in it. That is why you need to choose a hill for fishing, there you will definitely not get these toothy reptiles. And bring a spinning rod with you, as this will provide you with a truly exciting fishing experience..

Sights of the Nile coast: Luxor; Aswan; Alexandria; Cairo.


Congo is the second longest African river. It was opened in 1482 by the Portuguese Diego Kahn. The river flow is not always calm. So, below the city of Kongolo, the current makes its way through the gorge, and the locals call these places the Hell's Gate..

If you are an extreme by nature, then during a visit to Africa you should definitely go fishing on this river. A completely unique fish lives in its waters - tiger fish. And this is the most dangerous freshwater predator. The weight of an adult reaches nine kilograms. Tiger fish is quite annoying for local residents, since its mouth «decorate» large and sharp teeth. After all, it is believed that she is a close relative of the bloodthirsty piranha, but scientists have not yet confirmed this fact. It is the tiger fish that is the most coveted trophy, attracting numerous fishing enthusiasts to the Congo..


  • Stanley and Livingstone Falls;
  • National parks;
  • Museum of the city of Kinshasa.

Orange river

Quite often it is also called Gruut, Gariep or Senku. The upper and middle course of the river is very turbulent and forms many waterfalls and rapids.

Tourism is well developed on the Orange River, since in the summer the water level is quite high, and dangerous animals do not live here. Canoeing and rafting are especially popular.


  • Drakensberg Mountains;
  • national park and waterfall with the same name - Augrabis;
  • the city of Alexander Bay, located at the mouth of the Orange River.