Airports in Algeria - list of international airports in Algeria

Airports in Algeria

The largest state in terms of area on the black continent, Algeria is located mainly in the Sahara Desert, and therefore communication between its cities can most often be maintained exclusively by air. This led to the construction of more than 130 airports in Algeria, receiving and sending up to 3.5 million passengers annually..

Algeria International Airports

Despite the huge number of air ports, only seven have international status in the country, of which the most popular among tourists are the capital and a few more:

  • The capital's air gates receive dozens of flights every day from around the world. Algeria Huari Boumedienne Airport - the largest in the state.
  • The airport of the city of Constantine is named after Mohamed Budiaf.
  • The air harbor in Oran is called Es Senia.

Metropolitan direction

Algeria's largest international airport in the capital has two passenger terminals. The city where the airport is located is located in the north of the country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Only 17 km separate the airport from the center of the capital, which can be overcome by public transport - buses and minibuses, or taxis.
About thirty airlines operate direct flights to Algeria's airport, including the national carrier Air Algerie, which flies from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on a weekly basis. Travel time from the capital of Russia with a direct flight does not exceed five hours.
With connections in Europe, Russian travelers can get to this North African state with the help of Air France with a connection in Paris, Lufthansa via Frankfurt am Main, Alitalia with a transfer in Rome or Milan, and Turkish Airlines, which allow them to see Istanbul.
All details about the operation of the airport, schedule, infrastructure can be found on its official website -

Into the hinterland with comfort

Airplanes of several international airlines, including Air France, arrive at Constantine Airport. Get to the airport. Mohamed Budiaf is not difficult and through Algeria - the capital of the state. Transfer to the city is possible by buses and taxis, but it is worth negotiating the price of the trip with the drivers of the latter in advance..
Oran's Es Seniya air harbor is just 9 km from the city center. Local airlines operate connecting flights here, and the same French and Moroccan and Tunisian airlines often come from international ones..
Check-in for international flights at regional airports in Algeria starts two and a half hours before departure. There are no peculiarities of its passage, the baggage rules are standard for airlines.