Prices in Algeria - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Algeria

Prices in Algeria

Prices in Algeria by Russian and European standards are not high: milk costs $ 0.4 / 1 l, potatoes - $ 0.35 / 1 kg, eggs - $ 1.2 / 12 pcs., And lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost you 5-7 $.

Shopping and souvenirs

In local shops you can buy shoes, accessories, clothing and other goods of famous brands at attractive prices..

Shopping can be done in the numerous state craft markets or in shops located on the shopping streets of the country's major cities. So, you can get original gifts in the city of Algeria on Didush Murad Street (here you can buy goods made by local artisans and artists).

In the south of Algeria, there is the oasis city of Tamanrasset - here it is worth visiting the daily market in order to purchase fruits, vegetables, aromatic spices, traditional clothes, carpets, metal pots and other souvenirs. If your goal is to buy inexpensive but high-quality textiles, go to Merabet Mohammed shopping street (Tlemcen city).

From Algeria you should bring:

  • woolen carpets with original ornaments, traditional clothes, pottery, “stone flowers”, local fabrics, wooden sculptures, wickerwork, handmade jewelry, cigarette cases, leather goods, paintings;
  • spices.

In Algeria, you can buy carpets from $ 70, ceramics - from $ 7, Berber silver jewelry - from $ 20, spices - from $ 1.5, straw products - from $ 4.

Excursions and entertainment

On a tour of Algeria, you will stroll through the Martyrs' Square, see numerous buildings in the oriental style, including the mosque-burial vault of Sidd Abdarrahman and the Jami al-Jadid mosque. In addition, you will see the fortress located in the old part of the city (Kasbah). On average, the tour costs $ 35.

In the Tagit Oasis (south of Algeria), you will explore ksar, walk the narrow streets of the city, see adobe houses and admire the beautiful views of the dunes of the Big Erg. On average, this tour costs $ 45.

If you wish, it is worth visiting the largest city of Algeria after the capital - Oran: here you will visit the Palace of the Beys and the Great Mosque. Alternatively, you will stroll through the Santa Cruz area, famous for its fortress and church. This excursion costs approximately $ 30.


You will pay about $ 0.25-0.3 for travel by public transport (you can travel around the whole country from one end to the other for $ 20). Using the services of a taxi, you will be charged $ 0.75-0.9 + $ 0.3 / 1 km for landing (1 hour of waiting costs $ 5-6). And car rental will cost you $ 50 / day.

When planning to relax in Algeria, you can easily meet the amount at the rate of $ 40-45 per day for 1 person.