Resorts of Algeria: photos, description

Resorts of Algeria

Among other participants in the Maghreb countries, Algeria is not the most popular tourist destination. Tourists prefer to explore beaches and attractions in Tunisia and Morocco, undeservedly ignoring the resorts of Algeria and leaving them "for later." However, there are few resorts in the conventional sense of the word in the country. People come here for adventures of a different kind, to which the northern Sahara turns out to be especially generous for those who are not used to giving in to difficulties..

For or Against?

When choosing the resorts of Algeria as a vacation destination, it is important to weigh all the features of the upcoming vacation:

  • A direct flight from Moscow to the capital of Algeria is in the sky for only five hours, but such flights are not very frequent in the schedule of Moscow airports. You can also get there with a docking in Europe - it will take longer, but you can choose any convenient day.
  • It is better to plan a vacation in the resorts of Algeria in the spring or autumn, so as not to fall into the power of seasonal rains or desert heat.
  • You should pay special attention to your own safety both on the streets of Algerian cities and on excursions to the desert. In the first case, you should beware of pickpockets, and in the second - dust storms and off-road. The best way to get around the country is by car with a hired driver and guide.

Mediterranean African

The northern coast of Algeria is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore it would be ideal to sunbathe and swim here, if not for one "but". Local authorities are not too keen to develop the resorts of Algeria, and today you can relax on the Mediterranean beaches here only at Cape Sidi Frej and on the Turquoise Coast. Despite a fair amount of exoticism and even romance in the names, it is very difficult to spend a comfortable time here. The infrastructure at the resorts is almost completely absent, there are few hotels and they clearly do not reach the generally accepted resort standards, and the coastal strip itself is not equipped at all.

The tales of Scheherazade

Tourists prefer Algeria not a beach, but an excursion one, and they are absolutely right - there is something to look at and what to admire! Ancient mosques and fortresses, medieval palaces and intricate ancient streets, oriental bazaars and splendid sea views from the observation platforms of white Algerian cities - this is just a small part of what gray-haired and wise Algeria is ready to please its guests with..