Car rental in Andorra. Car rental in Andorra - prices

Rent a car in Andorra

Traveling during your stay in the dwarf state - Andorra is very convenient by car. To do this, you can rent it. This will largely save you from unnecessary waiting for a taxi. Moreover, there are a number of options: since you can get to Andorra only through the airports of neighboring countries, it is better to enter there through Spain, and it is on its territory to rent a car, since it will cost more on the territory of Andorra itself. In Spain, you can use the rental service at the airports or find some rental company in which you can immediately discuss that you will travel around Andorra.

Features of car rental in Andorra

Car rental conditions are similar to those in many European countries. It offers a wide selection of car models, respectively, and the price range is also large. When registering a car, at the same time ask whether insurance and taxes will be included in the rental price. At the same time, pay attention to the types of insurance: will everything suit you? You may also be asked for a deposit of about 100 euros. Naturally, your hard-earned money will be returned to you when you return the car..

Car rental in Andorra is possible if you are over 21 years old (rental of some categories of cars is allowed to persons who are at least 25 years old). Requirements for driving experience - at least 1 year. Sometimes people under the age of 25 are asked to pay extra. It is 10 euros per day.

For pre-booking a car, an additional fee is also usually charged..

You must have a bank card with you, it doesn't matter - a credit or debit card. And the minimum amount must be no less than 495 euros.

It is imperative to ensure that the car rental price includes:

  • VAT (15%) and other taxes;
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Car insurance with coverage for damage caused by an accident.

But the cost of fuel is usually not included in the rental price. Note, if you were given a car with a full tank, then you must also return it fully refueled..

It should be remembered that the filling stations in Andorra are located on major highways and in large settlements. The working hours of gas stations are mainly from 8.00 to 20.00, round-the-clock still have to look.

A peculiarity of the country is the small number of parking lots, so if you have already rented a car, then you should stay in the hotel that has its own garage or parking. But on the sidewalk, where there are no markings for parking, you should not park your car, since the penalty for this is quite high.

Leaving Andorra, you can drive your rented car to the airport. There are parking lots of rental companies near all terminals. Leave the car there and the company employees will return it to the garage.

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