Holidays in Andorra in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Andorra in September

Holidays in Andorra in September

September in Andorra pleases with warm and sunny days. Daytime temperature is + 18C, nighttime + 7C. Up to 100 mm of precipitation can fall per month. If you are going to the mountains, you should take warm clothes with you, because in September it is still noticeably colder..

Holidays and festivals in Andorra in September

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Andorra in September, dreaming of an interesting pastime? So which festivals deserve your attention?

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary is traditionally celebrated on September 8th. Believers can come to the village of Metritzel, which is located seven kilometers northeast of the capital. A solemn church service is held in the village of Metrisel on September 8.

In Andorra, at the end of September, the Narcisso Yepes festival is held. This festival is attended by talented musicians from around the world. Without a doubt, this event gives many people the opportunity to come closer to understanding what classical music is and how diverse its facets are..

How to travel to Andorra in September?

September is one of the best months to travel to Andorra, as it is in this month that the heat subsides, but the weather continues to be favorable. In addition, the pastime can be interesting and intense..

As you know, Andorra is a duty-free zone, so you can go shopping in the fall. Take the opportunity to buy warm autumn clothes that are of high quality. If you wish, you can buy special equipment and equipment.

September is ideal for long walks and visits to famous attractions, but you must remember that it gets colder by 11 degrees in the evening. Take advantage of the unique chance to visit museum centers that differ in their subject matter. You can visit the exhibition of paintings, the museum of Russian nesting dolls, the museum of vintage cars, the house-museum of the D'Areni Plandolite family.

Take the chance to have an interesting and rich journey!

Holidays in Andorra

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