Ski resorts of Andorra: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Andorra

Ski resorts in Andorra

The state of Andorra is one of the smallest in the world. The territory of this principality, located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, does not even reach 500 square kilometers. Once upon a time, few people knew Andorra outside the Old World, but the development of tourism and, in particular, ski resorts brought it well-deserved fame..
The climatic conditions of the state are distinguished by an incredible proportion of hours of sunshine throughout the year, and therefore the peculiarities of the local skiing are bright landscapes, the absence of fogs and almost always suitable weather. The season in the resorts of Andorra lasts from the very first days of winter to mid-April. The air temperature reaches +10 degrees during the day, and there is a slight frost at night..
Andorra has two ski regions - Grandvalira and Vallnord. The capital of the country, with any of the resorts, is connected within a half hour drive. The area of ​​Grandvalira consists of Soldeu el Tarter and Pas de la Casa - Grou Roig. These are the largest ski areas. The first is famous for its excellent ski and snowboard schools and is perfect for beginners or intermediate boarders. The second zone is famous for the most difficult tracks with red and black markings, and skiing here will interest real pros.
Vallnord unites Pal-Arinsal and Ordino-Arcalis. The first ski area will appeal to those who prefer virgin soil and steep descents. However, there are several slopes for beginner athletes. Ordino-Arcalis is better suited for snowboarding than others, in it you can go down the virgin lands with a breeze, and break away from the heart in snowparks.

Pas de la Casa in Grandvalira

The resort is located on the border with France, and the first ski lift was opened here in 1957. The highest point is the peak of 2460 meters, the main routes are laid at the level of 2050-2640 meters, and the total area is more than 600 hectares. The resort compares favorably with the lack of lift queues and boasts an excellent board school where you can take one-to-one lessons or participate in group activities. For those who are at odds with French: Russian-speaking teachers will willingly come to the aid of beginners.
The resort's snow park was created on the Coll Blanc Pass. Its height is no less than 2600 meters and suits athletes with an initial and intermediate level of training. There is a 40-meter half-pipe with a separate lift, and trying your hand at the border cross track is an incomparable adrenaline pleasure..
There are several shops in the town, where you can buy excellent inventory at very reasonable prices, because Andorra is a duty-free country. In general, prices for accommodation and other services at the resort cannot be called cheap, but the level of service is very high.

Encamp in Grandvalira

Only seven kilometers separates an excellent ski resort from the capital of Andorra. There are excellent tracks, the degrees of difficulty of which are very different, but a well-groomed condition, understandable and reasonable markings and perfectly tuned equipment are their main common feature. The gondola lift is open until 17.00, and each of its 32 cabins can accommodate more than 20 people. The lift reaches the ski start area in 15 minutes.
The total length of the local trails is almost a hundred kilometers, and the gentle slopes for those who are just getting on the board are located at the very bottom in the valley. Teachers with excellent knowledge of the Russian language are always ready to help beginners in mastering snowboarding techniques.
The resort has two snow parks, and there is an opportunity to ride on untouched virgin lands. Sophisticated athletes choose routes of the highest difficulty category with red markings and high-speed slopes. Black trails are located in the area of ​​Encampadan peak, which is almost 2.5 km high.
Rest after skiing in Encamp is very diverse. In addition to traditional restaurants, saunas and nightclubs, you can visit the car museum or go on an excursion to Spanish Barcelona.

La Massana in Vallnord

This wonderful resort is located just four miles from the capital of the country. Its ski area is called Pal-Arinsal and is perfect for both green penguins and experienced athletes. A modern lift system takes athletes to the ski area in just 5 minutes. The slopes of the resort look very diverse, and therefore you can organize completely different skiing every day..
The Pal-Arinsal zone consists of two different slopes, and Pal is located in the forest and has gentle slopes with wide slopes. Pros can conquer virgin lands here with difficult descents. Arinsal has a significant vertical drop - over a thousand meters, and it is great for self-confident skiers and boarders. The resort has an excellent snow park with a high-pipe, jumps and good opportunities for jibbing.
Russian-speaking trainers of the ski school in La Massana will help you practice your technique and hone your skills, and the rich entertainment program will not let you get bored in your free time from the board.

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