Outlets in Andorra - prices, brands, outlet addresses

Andorra Outlets

"Small spool, but expensive" - ​​this is about Andorra. The dwarf principality, squeezed by respectable neighbors - Spain and France, turns out to be quite competitive in many aspects of the tourism business. The ski resorts of the principality haunt winter sports fanatics, and Andorra's shops and outlets haunt shopaholics, for whom the combination of price and quality is a priority argument in choosing a place to shop..

Useful little things

  • The Principality of Andorra acts as a duty-free zone in the Old World, and therefore there is a chance to buy a thing you like, at least a quarter cheaper than in the capitals of world fashion. In some stores, bonuses reach a pleasant 40%, and you do not have to wait for special seasonal sales to receive them..
  • A visa to visit the principality requires a regular, Schengen visa, and therefore, for shopping in shopping centers or an outlet in Andorra, you can wrap up on the way from France to Spain or vice versa.
  • The numbers on the price tags in Andorran stores reach especially pleasant values ​​during seasonal sales. The first one starts in mid-January and lasts about a month. Summer discounts start in the second half of July.

Metropolitan things

The one and only outlet in Andorra is located in the capital of the principality at Av. Tarragona 51 - Andorra la Vella. It presents the most famous world and European brands, from the very names of which the heart of any fashionista begins to beat faster. VERSACE J.COUTURE and ARMANI JEANS offer the best samples of the latest collections, DIESEL will not let fans of jeans classics go without a purchase, CAVALLI and MAX MARA demonstrate the top of elegance, and DOLCE & GABBANA will give those in love with perfume the pleasure of possessing their favorite fragrances. DKNY JEANS and BURBERRY, TIMBERLAND and TOMMY HILFIGER and dozens of other names, no less resounding in the fashion world, are at the service of buyers of the Andorran outlet..
Stock center working hours - 10.30-20.30 without breaks and days off.

Ski Mecca

Given the serious position of the principality in the tourist ski market, it would be logical to look for specialized centers for the sale of sports equipment in Andorra. The country will not disappoint your hopes, and in the department stores of the OLIMPIA chain, every skier will find for himself equipment, skis, and snowboards, the quality of which will leave no doubt about the correct choice. Prices for all equipment for winter recreation are lower than in neighboring countries, and the difference is very significant and can go up to 50%.