Holidays in Andorra in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Andorra in August

Holidays in Andorra in August

This dwarf state in the center of Europe proudly calls itself a principality, unlike many democratic neighbors, but, equal to them, occupies a worthy place in the tourism industry. Most tourists send their feet here in cold weather, when there are optimal conditions for winter sports..

Despite this, in the summer, a tourist with any requests will find something to do with his interests. Holidays in Andorra in August, the warmest month of the year, will be remembered for leisurely walks along cozy old streets, relaxation in thermal baths under the starry sky and crazy shopping..

Weather in August

The last summer month in Andorra is not at all a herald of the approaching autumn, on the contrary, the temperature is at record highs for the country, for example, in the resort of Andorra la Vella during the day +22 ° C, in the evening and at night it is cooler, up to +10 ° C.

Such weather conditions are most comfortable for parents with small children, elderly people. In addition, a calm atmosphere, the absence of crowds of tourists, well-thought-out tourist programs are another plus of traveling to Andorra..

Rest and treatment

Relaxation in the thermal complex will bring many pleasant minutes «Caldea», which is the largest in Europe among such centers. The development of the project was put into the hands of Jean-Michel Rouols, a talented French architect who proposed a completely new solution for the use of thermal waters, an original design and an entertainment complex.

It is clear that the main goal of tourists coming here is health improvement with the help of unique sources. Since the country is quite small in size, it will not be difficult to get here from any corner; vacationers in Escaledes can even come on foot..

Here you can order both a single service and a complex of procedures. Local thermal waters are effective in treating stress, allergies, colds and relaxation..

Shopping to the fullest

Another point that is pleasant for everyone who comes to Andorra, especially for the ladies, is shopping. A country that has declared itself a duty-free zone immediately increases its rating in the eyes of potential tourists and the number of buyers in shops and shops..

In the list of women's purchases, the first places are taken by cosmetics, perfumes, fashionable clothes of famous brands and brands, watches, ski equipment, and alcohol are quoted by a strong half of humanity. It is only important to remember about siesta - a local daytime rest, lasting about three hours.

Holidays in Andorra

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