Holidays in Andorra in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Andorra in January

Holidays in Andorra in January

Andorra has a mild climate in January, but heavy snowfalls can occur. The air temperature is + 3C during the day, but at night it can drop to -3C or -5C. At the same time, we can say with confidence that in Andorra you can enjoy your ski vacation without suffering from severe cold, and have a great New Year's Eve.

Ski holidays in Andorra

Andorra is a small state, so there are only two ski areas. There are four resorts in the Grand Valiret area, encompassing picturesque mountain valleys, famous for trails of varying length and difficulty levels. January is the right place to visit the Soldeu el Tarter Ice Palace, which regularly hosts sports events and unusual discos on ice..

The Vallnord area is surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains. The resort of Ordino-Arcalis attracts experienced skiers, because there are difficult trails here. Beginners prefer Pal-Arinsal.

Holidays in Andorra in January

While on vacation in Andorra in January, you can visit two holidays - New Year's celebrations and the day of the Epiphany.

Andorra attracts tourists with wonderful ski resorts, fashionable hotels, historical sites and museum centers, cafes and bars. All this is concentrated in a country with an area of ​​468 square kilometers. Every year, a huge number of tourists from different countries of the world come for the New Year holidays, who want to enjoy active holidays and celebrate the New Year in a smart way..

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th. This day is also known as the Festival of the Three Kings. Throughout the day, theatrical performances are held, which are dedicated to the three magical kings who visited Bethlehem. It is customary to give sweets to children, and adults set festive tables. It is customary for obedient children to give a sweet bagel, to naughty children - lollipops..

On the day of the Epiphany, in all squares of Andorra, you can see figurines of the Magi and the baby Jesus Christ, made of real straw. Thanksgiving prayers are held in churches, to which anyone can come.

On Epiphany, people consecrate water, incense, and chalk. In Andorra, it is customary to write in chalk on the doors the initial letters of the names of the three magical kings. It is believed that this will ensure the well-being of the family and overcome all troubles. Consecrated chalk should be kept all year round until the next holiday..

Holidays in Andorra

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