Capital of Andorra: map, photo. What is the capital in Andorra?

Andorra la Vella - the capital of Andorra

It is worth hearing the bright, sonorous name of the city - Andorra la Vella, as it immediately becomes clear that this is the capital of Andorra, a small European state. There are many opportunities for any tourist, including getting acquainted with local natural attractions, the opportunity not only to relax, but also to receive medical treatment or take up active sports. Shopping in the main city of the country can also bring a lot of joyful minutes..

Orienteering on the ground

It is great if a tourist has a map of the capital with him, but even without it it is difficult to get lost. The city is conditionally divided into northern and southern parts. The north of Andorra la Vella is the center of the economy and business, the southern part and the south-western part is the so-called old town. Accordingly, it is here that most of the monuments of history and culture are concentrated..

In addition, the old town has a large number of restaurants and bars, large and small souvenir shops. Tourists usually spend a very active day, skiing and snowboarding, or «travel» into the past. Therefore, in the evening it is so pleasant to sit in a cozy restaurant, enjoy traditional melodies and national cuisine..

Old quarter

It is best to start sightseeing in the capital with a walk through the Old Quarter. It was here that a small village was located, which eventually grew into a beautiful city that became the official capital of the state of Andorra..

The Old Quarter is loved not only by tourists; the historic center houses the seat of the government, the court, and even the prison, which can only be entered by locals. One of the most interesting buildings that guests like to capture in the photo is the castle of Saint-Panis, its second name «Chest with Seven Locks». It was this house that was the repository of documents important for the country. But to get them, the presence of representatives from all seven districts was necessary. Moreover, each of them had their own key, and only together they could see the documents.

City landmarks

Despite its small size, Andorra la Vella surprises with various architectural structures, cultural (musical, artistic) events. The religious buildings of the capital of Andorra deserve a special excursion, including:

  • the church of St. Armenola, which is very popular among tourists;
  • the church of Santa Colomna, one of the oldest in the city;
  • churches named after Saints Stephen and Andrew, with beautiful paintings from the 13th century.

«Caldea» is waiting

This is one of the largest thermal centers in Europe. Water from underground sources is actively used by various health resorts and spa centers. Solariums, pools with artificial grottoes and waterfalls, saunas and baths allow you to be treated, and improve your health, and relax.