Population of Argentina. Population in Argentina: features, density, composition

Population of Argentina

Population of Argentina

The population of Argentina is more than 42 million people (15 people live per 1 sq. Km).

In the past and the century before last, Argentina has seen a large flow of migrants from Italy. Today, Italians have a strong influence on the culture of the country: in some cities, whole neighborhoods have been formed that are inhabited by ethnic Italians who managed to become Argentines (everyone who was born in Argentina is Argentine).

Today, people from South America mainly come to Argentina - over the past 5 years, the population of Argentina has been replenished with Peruvians, Paraguayans and Bolivians. As for the indigenous peoples (Indians), in Argentina they live much less than in other countries of Latin America.

The national composition of Argentina is represented by:

  • Europeans (95%);
  • mestizo (4.5%);
  • Indians (0.5%).

The official language is Spanish, and Italian, French, Portuguese, English and German are widely used.

Major cities: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Tucuman.

Residents of Argentina profess Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism.

Life span

On average, Argentines live 75 years (male population lives up to 72, and female population lives up to 82 years).

Despite the fact that over the past 20 years, the life expectancy of the Argentine population has increased, the number of diseases associated with bad habits has also increased. Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, depression, diabetes, strokes, road accidents ... All these factors are the reasons for the loss of healthy years of life of Argentines. Argentines would live even more if they smoked less, did not abuse alcohol and eat right.

Traditions and customs of the Argentines

Argentines are sociable, benevolent, albeit touchy people (they do not hold evil for a long time).

A significant event in the life of Argentines is a wedding. Girls are allowed to marry 15, and boys from 18 years old, and the young themselves save up for their own wedding (parents only help in organizing the ceremony).

If the wedding is celebrated at home, then the newlyweds are usually presented with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers. If the celebration is celebrated in a restaurant, then guests present expensive gifts to the young, and, in advance, guests are sent special cards, which indicate which gift is best to please the newlyweds. The ceremonial part of the wedding begins at 19:00 - the newlyweds sign the marriage contract at the municipality, then everyone goes to the church for the wedding ceremony and the wedding banquet. Argentine wedding takes place to the rhythms of tango and is accompanied by Argentine music.

If you do not want to seem impolite, certain rules of conduct should be followed upon arrival in Argentina:

  • when meeting with familiar people, it is customary to kiss each other on the cheek, and to unfamiliar people - to shake hands;
  • if you don't know what to talk to an Argentine about, invite him to talk on topics such as football or politics;
  • so that the Argentines do not think that you are a rude or arrogant person, when visiting small private shops, be sure to greet loudly and say goodbye in the same way;
  • when purchasing something in souvenir or clothing stores, bargain (you can get a small discount).


  • Population of Argentina
  • Population of Argentina