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Argentine traditions

Argentine traditions

Tango, football and gaucho shepherds are the standard set of non-architectural landmarks in Argentina that any traveler has heard of. Tangos are danced here right on the streets, football is both young and old, and the gaucho culture is no less interesting than the cuisine, music and other traditions of Argentina..

Argentine cowboys

The first gauchos were born from mixed marriages of Indian women and Spanish colonialists. Not recognized by any of the parties, such young people became shepherds and went far from their home. They roamed the steppe and adapted to such a life perfectly. Cows bred quickly, the meat sold brought in a good income, and the owners of large plantations were happy to hire good cowboys to work..
Argentina's modern traditions have taken a lot from the gaucho culture. Argentines are great with horses, their main dish is steak, and any self-respecting Pampa can make mate tea like a gaucho.

One but fiery passion

The Argentines invented tango, and already that was enough to endlessly respect the inhabitants of this South American country. Folk dance has become one of the most beloved in the world today. It is performed at competitions, concerts, and theatrical performances. Argentina's traditions of dancing tango right on the streets have survived to this day, and today you can take a lesson by walking on a weekend along any avenue of Buenos Aires. Tango is listed by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of mankind.

Useful little things

Independent and proud Argentines are distinguished by some character traits that should not be forgotten when meeting and communicating with them:

  • Argentina's traditions require its inhabitants to pay great attention to their appearance. Gathering for a meeting, not only local girls, but also men carefully comb their hair and think over a suit, and therefore half an hour late here is more the norm than the exception..
  • Smiling and welcoming hugs are also part of Argentinean traditions. On a date, in a restaurant or at a family dinner, it is customary to discuss political issues, the weather, business and the success of children. The most favorite topic of conversation is football, and therefore knowledge of local sports realities significantly helps to strengthen friendship between the Argentinean and any other peoples..
  • Excessive attention to the fair sex is a tribute to the traditions of Argentina and a manifestation of national character. No one dares to offend a woman with excessive obsession if he sees that she does not intend to continue the conversation or make acquaintance.


  • Argentine traditions
  • Argentine traditions