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Tours to Sydney

Tours to Sydney

In honor of Lord Sydney, then the Minister of the Colonies of Her Majesty, the city was named, which became the site of the first colonial settlement of Europeans on the newly discovered distant continent. Since then, modern skyscrapers and openwork bridges have grown here, the Olympic Games have been held on the banks of the city near the bay, and the New Year is noisily celebrated every December. Tours to Sydney, despite the frankly high cost and long tiring flight, are not becoming less popular with travelers from all over the world..

History with geography

The land, called New South Wales, was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 en route from New Zealand. With the outbreak of the War of Independence, the United States stopped accepting British criminals to settle as before, and therefore Her Majesty's correctional system began to look for other ways to solve the problem. So a city arose in Sydney Bay, the first inhabitants of which were exiled English convicts..
The city is located in a valley on the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park. Sydney Harbor is the largest natural formation of its kind in the world..

Who's upside down above us?

This children's riddle is about Australia, and everything that is customary for a resident of the northern hemisphere, for southerners, happens exactly the opposite. For example, summer in Sydney begins in December, and the air temperature here in July-August can reach +30 degrees. In winter, that is, in June, thermometers, as a rule, record +15 or so, but there are cases of a stronger decrease in their readings..
Rainfall for the participants of tours to Sydney is not terrible for most of the year, and heavy rains are typical only for March-June. However, a record number of them can cause flooding, accompanied by severe storms and squall wind..

Briefly about the important

  • There are no direct flights to Sydney from Moscow or other Russian cities - the distance to the Australian city is too great. The best connection options are offered by Arab and Japanese airlines or Thailand..
  • You can get around the city by taking the Sydney metro or light rail. The Sydney tour participants can also travel to the Manly Beach area by ferry.
  • The most popular time to travel to Australia is New Year's holidays. However, in order to admire the famous fireworks in Sydney Harbor, you have to take places in the surrounding parks and lawns no later than noon.

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  • Tours to Sydney