Population of Australia. Population in Australia: features, density, composition

Population of Australia

Population of Australia

The population in Australia is more than 23 million people (Australia is considered the least populated continent: there are only 2.5 people per 1 km2).
National composition:

• Anglo-Australians (80%);
• immigrants from the British Isles (9%);
• immigrants from Italy (2%);
• immigrants from other countries (9%).

Largest cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbrune, Brisbane, Adelaide.
The official language of Australia is English.
The bulk of the population is represented by the descendants of immigrants from Ireland and Great Britain, continental Europe, immigrants from the former USSR.
As for the mestizos and aborigines, they make up only 1% of the population: for many decades they were deprived of elementary civil rights (they could not move freely around the country, participate in the social and political life of the state). Thanks to the struggle for indigenous rights in recent years, Aboriginal people are now provided with improved health care and access to school..
The standard of living of the Australian population is quite high. This is due to the relatively high salaries and low unemployment rates (when applying for a job, a significant indicator is the presence of a diploma from an Australian university).

Life span

Men live on average 78 years, and women - 83 years. And all thanks to the fact that Australians consume 2 times less alcohol than in the leading countries (Estonia, France, Ireland) and 2 times less smoke than in Greece or Russia. But Australians also have a sin - they eat high-calorie foods (the country's obesity rate is 24.5%).

Traditions and customs of the peoples of Australia

Australians are a freedom-loving nation: as soon as children grow up, they strive to escape from the care of their parents, and they, in turn, do not detain them (they also strive to live separately).
But, despite the freedom in society, it is customary in Australia to give birth to children in marriage, so the purpose of marriages is to legitimize relationships in order to reproduce offspring.
The people of Australia are benevolent, open and friendly: they love to joke, including over themselves..
Australians love to celebrate small holidays and memorable dates: they often go on picnics, which they arrange in the form of dinners in the village alley or barbecues on the hillside. In addition, Australians like to take trips to remote bushes and relax closer to the water (as a rule, several families go on such trips in a roomy van).
In Australia, it is customary to collect money for various events - locals set up tents selling pies and other homemade cakes. Do you like homemade food and jam? Buy this yummy in such "home tents".


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