Provinces of Australia: photo, map. Areas of Australia

Provinces of Australia

Provinces of Australia

Which provinces in Australia should be included in the tourism program? Where every traveler who wants to have an interesting and rich time should visit?

South australia

South Australia attracts tourists with its chic resorts and sandy coastline. It is here that you can feel harmony with nature, find peace of mind. In order to get acquainted with local sights, you need to choose a trip by car or a walking route known as Heysen. Tourists can see kangaroos and visit different wine regions. Visit the Yorke Peninsula, Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island. Every area of ​​South Australia deserves your attention.


Victoria is a state located in the southeastern region of Australia. This state is the smallest in comparison with other states that are located in the mainland of Australia. Victoria has a characteristic nickname - «Garden state», motto - «Peace and prosperity». Melbourne has been awarded the status of the capital. What every tourist needs to do in Melbourne?

  • Test yourself on the ride «On the edge», which is in a skyscraper «Eureka».
  • Visit the largest outdoor market in the Southern Hemisphere. The market is named after Queen Victoria. This is where you can buy souvenirs from local producers.
  • See the monument to Charles La Trobe, which stands upside down on a pedestal. You need to take a photo against the background of the monument.
  • Try the kangaroo steak. It should be noted that the cost of one kilogram is about $ 260..
  • Take part in an English-speaking tour of Melbourne.


New South Wales is the oldest and most populous state in Australia, located in the southeast of the state. The capital is the city of Sydney, which has the largest population. Sydney attracts with modern skyscrapers, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Tower, which houses places for recreation, restaurants and numerous shops, two observation decks. This journey can be one of the brightest in life..


Tasmania is a state of Australia that is located on the island of the same name. The state is separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait. Many tourists tend to come here in order to enjoy the picturesque nature..

Australia is a unique country that every tourist should visit.

Pictures of Australian provinces

  • Provinces of Australia
  • Provinces of Australia
  • Provinces of Australia