Population of Azerbaijan. Population in Azerbaijan: features, density, composition

Population of Azerbaijan

Population of Azerbaijan

The population of Azerbaijan is over 9 million people.
Earlier, Azerbaijan was inhabited by the Iranian-speaking Tats, Kurds, Talysh, and Ingiloy Georgians. Today the Tats live in the northeastern regions, and the Talyshs live in the southeastern regions of Azerbaijan.
The national composition of Azerbaijan is represented by:
- Azerbaijanis (90%);
- other nations (Armenians, Dagestanis, Russians).

On average, 109 people live per 1 km2, but the least populated is the Kura Plain (its high-mountainous regions and arid regions).
The state language is Azerbaijani. In addition, Russian and Turkish languages ​​are widely used..
Major cities: Baku, Ganja, Sumgait.
Most of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan are Muslims (Shiites, Sunnis).

Life span

The male population lives on average up to 71 years, and the female population - up to 76 years.
These are pretty good indicators of average life expectancy compared to 10 years ago, and all thanks to the fact that the state began to deduct 10 times more funds from the budget for the development and support of healthcare..
The main causes of death in Azerbaijan are cardiovascular, neurological and oncological diseases.
Women tend to live longer than men. This is largely due to the fact that women are more emotional and do not have negative emotions, while men's life companions are nervous tension, psycho-emotional overload, stress (this is due to the fact that men occupy a certain social and professional position). In addition, men smoke and abuse alcohol, which is why they develop coronary heart disease, respiratory cancer, chronic lung diseases.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijanis are proud of their national traditions that accompany them from birth to the end of their lives..
The traditions associated with matchmaking are interesting. First, a close relative of the groom must go to the bride's house to pick her up. In case of refusal, the groom must send the most respected person of his kind to the bride's parents, whose task is to obtain consent to the wedding..
During matchmaking, the conversation is accompanied by hints and half-hints, even the answer is ambiguous, in the form of tea: if the matchmakers are served tea with sugar, then you can start preparing the wedding, and if sugar is served separately from tea, then the bride's parents are opposed to this wedding.
Before the wedding, the religious legalization of marriage must necessarily go through - it is carried out in the form of a ceremony, at which Molla and the closest relatives are present. And the wedding itself lasts 2-3 days with dances and songs.
If during a trip to Azerbaijan, you are invited to visit, be sure that you will be given a warm welcome on a real scale. But you should not refuse the invitation - this can be perceived as an insult, but at the same time, no one will impose on you either, because the guest's desire is the law.


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