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Traditional cuisine of Barbados

Eating in Barbados is characterized by varied, hearty and rather spicy food (Barbados cuisine will appeal to fans of such unusual combinations as spicy + sour and spicy + sweet). If you are a spicy lover, you should be guided by the words: “Bajanhotsauce”.

Food in Barbados

Barbadian cuisine has been influenced by Indian, British, African and Caribbean culinary traditions. The diet of the Barbadians consists of fish (flying fish, tuna, salmon, barracuda, fish bill), seafood (lobster, crabs, shrimps, lobsters), meat (pork, beef, chicken), fruits, vegetables, rice, hot fruit sauces.

In Barbados, you should try the shrimp dish with cornmeal (“cuckoo”); spicy stew made from several types of meat (“pepper sweat”); flying fish dishes; sea ​​urchin dishes; deep-fried fish cakes; beef tenderloin in wine and lemon sauce; grilled lobsters; fried king fish, breaded in cashew nuts; local rabbit dish.

Sweets lovers can enjoy a dessert made with pumpkin, grapes, cornmeal, coconut and spices (“conquise”), various tropical fruits, chocolate, lime and coconut cream pie, banana pudding, carrot cakes with rum sauce.

Where to eat in Barbados? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants with Barbados and other cuisines, including French;
  • fast food establishments (local chain - Chafette).

Drinks in Barbados

Popular Barbadian drinks are fruit juices, coconut water, fruit punch, and Barbadian rum. Rum lovers will be able to take a guided tour of this Barbadian drink.

Food tour to Barbados

If you wish, you can come to Barbados for the festival held here annually “Food & WineandRum” - at this festival you will taste exquisite dishes, taste various varieties of wines and rum. It is worth noting that food and drink tasting events will take place in restaurants, commercial centers, yachts and other locations across the island..

As part of a gastronomic tour to Barbados, you will be able to purchase the Barbados Gourmet Card (it provides a 25% discount at local restaurants), visit numerous national restaurants where you can taste the culinary masterpieces of the island at attractive prices.

On the island of Barbados, you can sunbathe on sandy and pink beaches, swim in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, walk through real coconut groves, surf and windsurf, go on a yacht trip, get acquainted with Barbadian cuisine.

Photos of national dishes of Barbados