Prices in Barbados - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take for Barbados

Prices in Barbados

Prices in Barbados are not low: milk costs $ 3/1 liter, eggs - $ 4/12 pcs., Potatoes - $ 2/1 kg, and a typical dinner for 1 person will cost you $ 35.

Shopping and souvenirs

For perfume, watches, alcoholic beverages and other goods of well-known brands, it is advisable to go to duty-free shops, and for traditional gifts - to souvenir shops and tourist shopping centers. For shopping it is worth going to Bridgetown to stroll through the shops located on Broad Street (duty-free shops are open here).

What to bring as a souvenir of your vacation in Barbados?

  • wooden boats, ceramic figurines, textiles, jewelery with precious stones, ships made from seashells, coral sprigs, glass boxes, wickerwork, paintings by local artists;
  • Barbados Rum (Malibu, Mount Gay, Plantation Barbados).

In Barbados, you can buy jewelry made by local residents from $ 5, rum - from $ 10 / 0.5 l, ceramic figurines, wooden boats - from $ 1.5, T-shirts with the national flag - from $ 5.

Excursions and entertainment

On a tour of Bridgetown, you will stroll through the city center and Trafalgar Square, where you will see the famous bridges and architectural monuments of colonial times, as well as walk through the Royal Park. As part of the tour, you will visit the Rum Factory (you will stay there for 45 minutes), where a rum tasting will be organized for you. On average, the tour costs $ 100.

Going on a sightseeing tour of Barbados, you will visit the western (here you will see the Caribbean Sea, the historic cities of Holtown and Spystown) and eastern regions of the island, where you will see the Atlantic coast and visit a quiet village. As part of this tour, you will be taken to the northernmost point of the island, where the ocean washes away the quaint caves at the base of the island. Finally, you will visit Bridgetown and visit the Orchid Garden. On average, this tour costs $ 1000 (for a group of 5-6 people).

If you wish, you can go on a cruise on a luxury catamaran. This entertainment will cost you $ 170. The price includes a boat trip, swimming with turtles on the reefs, lunch prepared by the chef.


Public transport on the island is represented by public (blue) and private (yellow) buses. You can buy a bus ticket from the driver (he does not give change, and travel can be paid only in local currency): it costs $ 1.

When deciding to use taxi services, it is worth considering that the price must be negotiated in advance, since fixed prices are set exclusively for travel from the airport to the desired destination. So, for a ride from the airport to Bridgetown you will pay $ 23, Coverly - $ 6, Harrison's Caves - $ 26, St. George's Church - $ 18.

If you rent a car on the island, you will pay about $ 70 / day for this service (in addition to an international driver's license, in Barbados you must obtain a local license, which costs $ 5).

On average, on vacation in Barbados, you will need $ 100 per day for 1 person.