Bus tours to Belgium. Cost of bus tours in Belgium 2016

Bus tours to Belgium

Bus tours to Belgium

It is very interesting to travel to Belgium by bus. On the way, you can look out the window and contemplate the beauty of the country. But why is she so famous? First of all, beer, and not less than the Czech Republic. About 600 varieties of this foamy drink are produced here. As for Brussels, its symbol is Mannequin Peace - a fountain «Pissing boy». This bronze child is more than one century old, as he has been standing here since 1619. And you will definitely see it, no matter what tour to Belgium you choose. For this boy, various fashion houses sew special clothes, and they are periodically changed. There are also «pissing girl», which is noticeable «younger» his «buddy».

By bus in Belgium

The country is divided into three regions:

  • Brussels Capital Region;
  • Flanders;
  • Wallonia.

But the first thing that is worth your attention in Belgium is nature. For example, the famous Ardennes forest. He was also sung by Shakespeare in the play «How do you like it». Often, other reserves in Belgium are included in such tours: Belsel, Shevton, Kalmthaut. It will be especially interesting to visit the bird sanctuary.

In general, tourists are increasingly interested in the forests and mountains of Belgium. And along with this interest, bus tours to Belgium are becoming increasingly popular. If you look out the bus window, driving from one province of the country to another, you can see a lot of interesting things. Flanders, for example, became famous for its painters and painters, and this happened back in the Renaissance. Somewhat later, the great Rubens lived and worked there. The master's house is located in Antwerp, and this city is still called by some Belgians the city of Rubens. In principle, any city in the country from those that are invited to visit is unique. But in Antwerp you have a rare opportunity to visit museums where there are paintings by Rubens, Brueghel, Van Dyck, Hals ... And at the same time you can see the magnificent medieval architecture. It is the unique architecture that attracts tourists to two Belgian pearls - Bruges and Ghent. Not a single trip to Belgium is complete without visiting these cities. Another province - Wallonia - is famous for the Ardennes forest.

But it's time to talk more about Brussels. In the center of Brussels is the Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. All Belgium is a concentration of museums that carefully keep the secrets of the Middle Ages. And the capital in this regard is no exception. Take, for example, the Museum of the History of Brussels, or the world-famous Museum of Wax Figures, which contains about a hundred exhibits. There is also the Museum of Aeronautics, as well as many others..

The famous monument of our time - «Atomium» located next to the park «Mini Europe», which occupies about 2.5 hectares. There are all the cathedrals of the Old World, and even a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa..

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