Brussels districts - name, description, photos of Brussels districts, where to stay for a tourist

Districts of Brussels

Districts of Brussels

Before exploring the districts of Brussels, it should be noted that the city, along with other 18 communes, is included in the Brussels Capital Region (in fact, they form a single city).

Names and descriptions of the districts of Brussels

  • Anderlecht (home to the football club of the same name): famous for its brewery “Cantillon” - guests will be invited to look into the museum open at the brewery so that they can see the process of brewing and bottling Belgian beer.
  • Audergem: interesting is the chapel of St. Anne (it used to be Catholic, and today it is Orthodox) - there are the relics of St. Anne and St. Anthony the Great.
  • Etterbeck: Recommended to see the Church of St. Anthony (built in the Gothic style of red brick), the Baronie houses (built in 1680) and Cauchy (the house is decorated in sgraffito technique; it is worth visiting the gallery with Cauchy's paintings).
  • Watermal-Boisfort: Guests should spend time in the Xuan Forest - it is suitable for walks, in particular, horseback riding, cycling, jogging, picnics. In the forest, you will be able to see moose, squirrels, birds and rare plants in the form of the Canadian maple and American oak..

Brussels landmarks

Armed with a tourist map of the capital of Belgium, you can go to explore its important objects - the fountain “Pissing boy” (the height of this bronze statue is 61 cm; according to a certain schedule, several times a week “boy” dressed in different outfits - this process is a colorful ceremony), the Royal Palace (you can walk through the Throne Room and the Imperial Room with golden flower pots installed there; and in the local museum it is worth getting acquainted with archives and artifacts that “will tell” about the origin and formation of the Belgian nation), the City Hall (reflects the late Gothic architectural style; those who wish, passing through the halls of the City Hall, will find themselves on the balcony - an observation deck from where you can take unique photos), the Atomium monument (created in the form of a model of an iron molecule, enlarged to 165 billion times; upstairs there is a restaurant and an observation deck, where those who wish will be taken by a high-speed elevator), the 50th anniversary park (an ideal place for leisure - it is worth visiting the Museum of Art and History, where you can admire the Syrian mosaics of the 5th century BC, medieval Belgian altars and other exhibits; Museum of Military History, where you can see military aircraft and exhibits collected by officer Louis Leconte; Museum “Autoworld” - there is a gift shop with miniature cars for sale, and an exhibition where you can see 400 European and American cars, as well as pre-war cars of Belgian brands).

Where to stay for tourists

Hotels near Grand Place are suitable for travelers' accommodation in terms of convenience, but since this area is considered prestigious, this is reflected in prices (a room in a decent hotel will cost about 120 euros). Thrifty vacationers should take a closer look at hotels near the North Station (they are characterized by relatively low prices).

Photos of Brussels districts

  • Districts of Brussels
  • Districts of Brussels
  • Districts of Brussels