Tax free in Belgium. Tax-free refund principle in Belgium

Tax free in Belgium

Tax free in Belgium

Only those people who have a permanent place of residence outside the European Union are entitled to a VAT refund. What every person shopping in Belgium should consider?

  • The standard VAT rate is 21%, for food and books 6%.
  • The minimum purchase amount must be € 125.01.
  • Refunds cannot be received for services rendered and tobacco purchased.
  • The exported items must not be used until the VAT is refunded..
  • Export must be carried out in personal baggage.

Features of the tax free form

The form is valid for three years from the date of issue. The form must be bound by the customs seal of Belgium or another EU state, but it must be affixed within three months from the month of issue.

The document becomes valid only if the original of the sales receipt is attached to it and the name of the purchased goods is missing on the form. If cash receipts were attached to one form and were issued in a store of the same network, regardless of the address, their attachment to one form becomes mandatory. It is necessary that the buyer's name on the form and on the sales receipt matches.

It is not possible to accept photocopies of sales receipts without written confirmation. It is imperative that written confirmation and a note are required. «KOPIE».

Steps for using tax free

First you should do your shopping in Belgium. In this case, the store must have the Global Blue Tax Free Shopping logo. The seller must provide a special form when paying for the purchase. In this case, the form can be white or blue. Each column must be filled in block letters, without corrections.

A stamp on the form can be affixed to customs by submitting a completed tax free form, cashier's checks, a foreign passport and new, unused goods. By fulfilling these conditions, you can get the opportunity to get a VAT refund..

Now you need to contact the Global Blue office, providing a stamped form. If you are in a hurry, please submit the form to the Global Blue office. Funds can be returned in cash or to a credit card.


  • Tax free in Belgium
  • Tax free in Belgium
  • Tax free in Belgium