Belgium's national drink. Alcohol in Belgium: prices, export, alcohol export rate

Belgium drinks

Belgium drinks

Little Belgium is a great way to spend a short vacation or vacation, having time and trying everything. In a country in the very heart of Europe, there are many pleasant places and historical sights, visiting which, with a sense of accomplishment, you can leisurely taste Belgium drinks and admire its wonderful cuisine..

Belgium alcohol

For all those entering the country, the same customs rules apply to the European Union. According to the letter of the law, more than a liter of spirits and two liters of wine or beer products cannot be transported duty-free. However, even people who are far from these questions have probably heard about almost a thousand varieties of Belgian beer, and therefore prefer to leave their own at home. «samovars».
Alcohol prices in Belgium are similar to those in neighboring countries. The price of wine (at the beginning of 2014) is about 5-6 euros per bottle, and beer costs from 0.5 to 2 euros, depending on the city, the amount of the drink bought and the store or institution..

Belgium's national drink

Many beers produced on Belgian soil date back at least four centuries since the beginning of production. Once in the country, as the locals jokingly said, each church had its own brewery. The national drink of Belgium has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the world, and the inhabitants of this country themselves not only love beer, but also give the process of drinking it a special solemnity..
As a rule, beer in Belgium is strong enough - at least six degrees - and the bottles are decorated with a bright wrapper. The cork is used with a special clip in order to prevent it from being pulled out by the foamy drink continuing to ripen right in the bottle. The main types of beer in Belgium:

  • Wheat, or «White» beer - slightly hazy due to unfiltered, refreshing and the lightest. Has variations, including the addition of citrus and coriander zest during the cooking process. Belgian Blanche de Namur is recognized as the best wheat beer in the world.
  • Wheat and barley Lambic, made by natural fermentation technology. This fermentation method requires at least 3-6 months of aging. Particularly mature varieties go on sale in 2-3 years.
  • Kriek - infused with a specific variety of cherries that have undergone the primary fermentation of Lambic.

Belgium alcoholic beverages

In addition to hundreds of varieties of beer, the country also produces its own wine, since the grapes on the slopes of Sambra not only have time to ripen, but also feel great at the same time..


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