Car rental in Belgium. Car rental in Belgium - prices

Car rental in Belgium

Car rental in Belgium

Who hasn't dreamed of trying the famous Belgian chocolate and delicious beer? But not only taste preferences are the reason to visit this small country in Europe - many sights and amazing nature can also captivate any traveler. Most tourists when visiting Belgium use car rental services: this way you can plan your vacation to the maximum and at the same time not lose comfort.

Car rental conditions in Belgium

Car rental services are available to persons over 21 years of age and with a driving experience of at least a year. Some firms charge additional fees for drivers under 25. In general, the requirements for the age of the renter depend on the class of the car: the higher it is, the older you should be.

To draw up a lease agreement, you will be required to have a driver's license, preferably of an international standard, a passport and a credit card, since it is impossible to pay for services in cash. In Belgium, they will not only check the availability of funds on the card, but also withdraw the amount of the deposit. She will be returned as soon as you return the car..

What you shouldn't forget:

  • Find out about the possible limitation of the car's mileage;
  • Return the car with the same amount of gasoline that was in the tank at the time of delivery. Otherwise, you will be charged for the difference in price;
  • Specify in advance the place of delivery of the car. Some firms can pick up the car on their own even outside the country, for an additional fee, of course;
  • Find out the phone number of the operator who needs to call in the event of a car breakdown;
  • Carefully study the traffic rules of an unfamiliar country in order to avoid troubles with the law.

On the roads of Belgium without violations and fines

Everyone has heard about harsh fines in European cities. In order not to fall into the hands of the local police, try to comply with the established speed limit: 50 km / h in a residential area; 70-90 km / h outside the city and 120 km / h on the freeway. Cameras and automatic radars constantly monitor compliance with the regime..

If the tracking devices detect violations, all protocols will be sent to the address of the car rental company. And here they can not only pay bills from your credit card, but also charge you an administrative fee..

Leave your car only in special parking places - it is better to pay money than spend a long time in the area. In the cities of Belgium there are «blue parking zones», where you can park your car for free for 3 hours. Do not forget to purchase special coupons in the form of watches for this, they are sold at gas stations and police stations.

Car rental in Belgium will transform you from a tourist tired of excursions into a free city dweller. Do not miss the opportunity to travel on your own to such an interesting country..


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