Trip to Belgium

Trip to Belgium

Trip to Belgium

Belgium is a relatively small and somewhat homely country. And a trip to Belgium will give you a comfortable journey through the European state, which has preserved a huge number of architectural monuments of the Middle Ages..

Public transport

The main representatives of urban transport are trams and buses. The capital of the country and the city of Antwerp also have an underground.

Conveniently, the ticket for all types of transport is the same. In addition, you can use a travel card to travel around the capital. Moreover, there are several types of them..

If you wish, you can use the taxi services, which are huge in cities. You can find specialized parking lots on large areas, near train stations, large hotels.

Railway transport

Buses are used exclusively on urban and suburban routes, while the main way to travel around the country is by train. The network of railway routes is so extensive that a trip from any locality of the country to its capital takes no more than two hours.

The main railway junction of the country is Brussels. There are three stations here at once, through which almost all trains follow..

Belgium trains are the fastest in all of Europe. They are very convenient and follow a strict schedule. The fare is quite high, but passengers are encouraged to take advantage of discounts and benefits. If you plan to travel a lot on trains, then it is best to purchase a travel card. «EuroDomingo Belgium».


A very convenient travel option is a car. The roads in the country are in excellent condition. Moreover, all tracks are free and well lit at night..

To rent a car you will need: an international and national driver's license; paid insurance; the passport; credit card.


In summer, it is convenient to travel around Belgium by bicycle. You can rent it in any city. At the same time, most of the roads have special bike paths..

If you wish, you can go on a trip around the country by hitchhiking.

Water transport

Full-flowing rivers flow through the country - Rupel, Scheldt and Meuse. The Rupel channel is suitable even for ocean going vessels. For tourists, boat and boat trips are provided. Antwerp city is one of the largest ports in the world.

Air traffic

There is a national airport not far from the capital. You can get to the complex by minibus, train or bus. There are four airports in the country. Operated by air travel and private jets.


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  • Trip to Belgium
  • Trip to Belgium