Resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina: photos, description

Resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A moderate mild climate, no need to apply for a visa, direct charter flights and a nice excursion - what else does a good person need to go on a long-awaited vacation? Are you asking about beaches and skiing? The resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have it all - the warm sea in the summer and high-quality snow in the winter! If you still have doubts, read on, and we will try to dispel them completely..

For or Against?

On the eve of the vacation, I want to dot the "i" and weigh all the arguments:

  • The not too popular tourist destination Bosnia and Herzegovina is not yet ready to boast of the best hotels and a complete set of holiday paraphernalia. But the absence of crowds of tourists on the beaches, slopes and near historical sites allows you to enjoy your vacation, and not fight for your place in the sun.
  • Not too frequent direct flights from Moscow to Sarajevo? You can always use flights with connections in Europe. This is sometimes even cheaper and always more useful, because duty-free shops at the airports of Vienna, Istanbul or Munich have something to do during a stop..
  • Are local beaches only 10 kilometers long? What difference does it make if there are equipped seating areas everywhere, the coverage is sandy, and the coastal restaurants offer the perfect menu for a warm summer day..

"Neumskiy corridor"

The main beach resort of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the town of Neum on the Adriatic coast. In addition to traditional summer entertainment, he is ready to offer tourists excellent shopping. Many national Balkan goods and souvenirs on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina are significantly cheaper than in the surrounding republics, and therefore the "neum corridor" through which tourists travel to Croatia from Montenegro and back serves as a shopping area.
In addition to shopping, guests of the Adriatic resort of Bosnia and Herzegovina will find water sports and even several night discos. Among the events of European importance is the annual festival of Croatian ethnic music, held abroad in the city of Neum.

On the Balkan slopes

Ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina boast a glorious past - they hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.
The Jahorina Sports Center is located not far from the capital and has twenty kilometers of tracks, hotels and equipment rental points in its arsenal. Even at night, some of the slopes are illuminated, and experienced instructors help beginners learn the basics of alpine skiing.