Airport in Sofia: scheme, photo. How to get to Sofia airport

Airport in Sofia

Letishche Sofia - this is the Bulgarian name for the main airport in Bulgaria in Sofia. The airport is the main hub for two well-known airlines - Bulgaria Air and Hemus Air.

The capital's airport was built in the 30s of the last century, over time, as in most airports, the passenger traffic began to increase. As a result, the only terminal has ceased to properly cope with the flow of passengers. There were many options for solving this problem, including the construction of a new airport, but in the end it was decided to build a new terminal..

Airport expansion

The project for the construction of the second terminal was estimated at 200 million euros. Funding started in 1997.

In the summer of 2006, a new runway was put into operation, which ran parallel to the old one. By the end of the same year, the construction of the second terminal was completed..

In the future, the first terminal is planned to be used exclusively for low-cost companies..


The second terminal offers the main range of services to its passengers. There are ticket offices, cafes and restaurants, duty-free shops, bank offices, ATMs, post office, first-aid post, etc..

It is worth noting that Terminal 2 was built taking into account the capabilities of disabled people, it is easier for them to move between levels through elevators and escalators.

A free bus runs between the first and second terminals, with a movement interval of 30 minutes.


The airport in Sofia has a parking lot for 820 cars..


There are several ways to travel from the airport to the city:
• Bus - two routes of buses # 84 and # 284 depart from the terminals. Travel time will take about half an hour, you should take into account the likelihood of traffic jams. The ticket can be bought at the kiosks located at the bus stop, its cost will be about 0.5 euros.
 Minibus # 30 - it departs from the airport to the largest region of the capital of Bulgaria - Lyulin. The cost of the trip will be about 0.75 euros.
• Taxi - you can take it from any terminal. The cost of a trip to the city center will be around 8 euros.
 Rent a car - companies that provide cars for rent operate on the territory of the airport.

Photos of Sofia airport