New Year in Sofia - photo. New Years Eve in Sofia (Bulgaria) 2016

New Year in Sofia

If you want to celebrate the holiday in good company, among historical sights and in an atmosphere of fun and understanding, it is best to go to Sofia for the New Year. Many interesting architectural monuments, temples and simply beautiful old buildings have been preserved here..

Vasilyev's day - singing and drinking is not lazy!

The onset of the calendar New Year in Bulgaria coincides with the celebration of Vasilyev's Day. The most important belief says: the more abundant and richer the New Year's table will be, the more happiness and prosperity the coming year will bring. By tradition, the hostess hides a coin in a loaf of bread, and the one who got this piece will be the lucky one in the family all year round. The main dish for the New Year in Sofia is banitsa - a puff pastry with cheese. It is served in all cities and towns of Bulgaria and symbolizes prosperity, wealth and peace in the family..

Photos of New Years celebration in Sofia