The beaches of Sunny Beach: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

Sunny Beach beach

The Bulgarian Sunny Beach was known to our tourists back in Soviet times. And since then, it has not lost its popularity as a first-class resort. There is a wide and long sandy beach, where, in addition to the traditional sunbathing, you can prove yourself well in windsurfing or kitesurfing. The beach of Sunny Beach always attracts many tourists, because it is a very popular place for families. It is most convenient to launch a kitesurfing kite in a south-westerly wind. At the same time, you can not even be afraid of high waves, since here they practically do not happen like that. The excitement can increase only with strong winds, but in such weather not everyone and not always go out to sunbathe on the beach. What can the best sandy beach in Sunny Beach do to please tourists??

Interesting vacation

Note that Sunny Beach is an inexpensive resort. There are many cafes, restaurants, clubs and shops to visit. But you should not limit yourself to this, as there are sights nearby that are also worth seeing. This is the city-museum of Nessebar, it is entirely included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After wandering around it, you can embark on a shopping trip to the city of Burgas, where «Burgas Plaza» - a very large shopping center.

Good location

On the one hand, this resort is surrounded by green mountains, on the other - by a wide sandy beach, next to which there is an invariably warm sea throughout the resort season. By the way, in Burgas there is the nearest airport, from which you can get by taxi for $ 40, it is noticeably cheaper than it would be to get from Varna.

The beach itself

As mentioned above, there is a large sandy beach here. More precisely, its length is 8 km and a width of 100 m. The bottom is sandy, like the beach itself, and the entrance to the water is shallow. The sea is shallow near the coast, and therefore the water quickly warms up to 25-28 ° С.

Sun loungers in Sunny Beach are paid. The rental price of one sun lounger and one umbrella is from $ 5 to $ 10. The toilet is also paid, a visit costs $ 0.3.

But since there are a lot of people on the beaches during the high season, not everyone gets free sunbeds. And in a sense, it even plays into the hands. After all, you can bring your own bedding or towel, and buy a beach umbrella at one of the local stores. And then you will even save!


In Sunny Beach you can go horseback riding, go go-karting, play bowling, enjoy spa treatments, and on the beach itself you can ride a jet ski, go diving, fly with a paraglider behind a boat. It is good to relax here with children.
What is only Horrorwood Haunted House! He is in the hotel «Pirin» and is considered one of the most favorite children's entertainment in the area.

Photos of the beaches of Sunny Beach