Holidays in Bulgaria in November: prices and weather. Where to relax in Bulgaria in November

Holidays in Bulgaria in November

November cannot be called a popular month for holidays in Bulgaria, because the weather upsets many tourists. Long walks are hampered by low temperatures and their frequent changes, heavy rains, which can begin suddenly. However, which regions of Bulgaria continue to arouse interest among tourists?

Weather in Bulgaria in November

The most comfortable weather conditions are established in the south of the country. Among the pleasant surprises, the daytime temperature of + 20C should be noted. However, usually the temperature ranges from + 6-14C.

The resorts of the Black Sea North, namely Albena, Varna, Golden Sands, also delight tourists with pleasant temperatures. But do not forget about the high humidity and gusty winds that can penetrate to the very bones..

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is usually colder. Daytime temperature + 7-10C, night 0-1C.

In mountainous areas, it may be noticeable that real winter with sleet and blizzards will soon begin. However, the skiing season starts only in mid-December, since there is no real cold weather and stable snow cover in November yet. In Bansko the temperature ranges from 0-6C, in Pamporovo -2-6C.

Holidays and festivals in Bulgaria in November

On November 1, Bulgarians celebrate the Day of People's Awakeners, which is dedicated to the memory of cultural figures who revived the national culture of Bulgaria. National Awakening Day is a day off for schoolchildren and students. In the middle of the 19th century, when Bulgaria was under Ottoman rule, cultural figures sought to revive the national culture. Usually cultural figures were teachers or confessors, they were able to change the national identity. As a result, the active development of theater, literature and science began in Bulgaria. Nowadays, on November 1, it is customary to hold concerts and performances by creative groups, festive parades and organize the laying of flowers at the monuments of folk awakeners. If you dream of a richer vacation in Bulgaria in November, you should visit the country on the first day, because this will be your best opportunity to get to know the Bulgarian culture..

The International Piano Competition starts in Ruse in the second half of November «Franz Schubert», in which talented musicians from Bulgaria, Russia and many other countries participate.

In the second decade, the Vasko Abadzhiev International Violin Competition is held in Sofia. The Folklore Festival is held in Nedelino, which also attracts many tourists and, of course, musicians..

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