Diving in Bulgaria - places for diving, photos

Diving in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not only a leisurely beach holiday, but also an excellent opportunity to try yourself as a discoverer of the depths of the sea. Diving in Bulgaria will give you the amazing underwater world of the Black Sea.

Underwater forest

A completely unique dove site located between the island «Saint Ivan» and Sozopol. At a depth of 24 meters, an absolutely amazing and at the same time gloomy picture opens up for divers: huge stone columns with a diameter of at least 5 meters. Of course, it will seem incredible, but before the eyes of divers, a stone forest appears, which sank to the bottom about 70 million years ago. Many divers from all over the world come here.

After conducting various studies, scientists have determined not only the age, but also the species of the trees. It turned out to be a cedar. And the fact that the forest was under water is explained quite simply. Most likely, the sea level rose very sharply, and the water covered the coastal areas. And now such a forest walk leaves an unforgettable experience..

But not only they will remain in the memory of divers. Among the trunks you can find unpretentious things belonging to different eras. Most likely, sailors, when entering the port of Sozopol, according to the existing tradition, threw unnecessary things overboard..

«Saint Ivan» and «St. Peter»

«Saint Ivan» - the largest island located off the coast of the country. The second island is located just a few meters from the strait. Once there were a couple of islands in the strait, but they have long gone under water.

«Saint Ivan» is a natural reserve. The maximum depth of the water area of ​​the islands is 25 meters. The fauna is quite diverse here. There are quite a lot of fish and other marine life here. The rocky base of the islands is overgrown with black mussels, and when diving you can see the ancient city wall, though only partially preserved.

Snake island

Island  «Saint Tom», better known as Serpentine, located 400 kilometers from Sozopol. The coastal waters contain underwater rocks and walls that descend to a depth of 12 meters. The world of underwater inhabitants is very diverse and there are even families of dolphins.

Wreck dives

There are a lot of wreck sites in the Sozopol area. Basically, they are located at thirty meters depths and belong to different time periods, from antiquity to the 20th century..

And one cannot fail to mention the magnificent night dives that take place in the bay. «Saint Tefan». A huge number of fish and crustaceans, beautiful underwater landscapes dotted with rocks and canyons will remain in the memory of divers for a long time.