Bus tours to Bulgaria. The cost of bus tours in Bulgaria 2016

Bus tours to Bulgaria

Bus tours to Bulgaria are as popular as tours to Montenegro. Most often, tourists try to combine business with pleasure, and after a rich excursion program they tend to go to the local beach in order to digest the impressions received and relax body and soul. Rest on local beaches attracts with the warm sea, excellent service and amazingly delicious cuisine. Tourists are amazed by the nature and purity of the air, and also pleasantly surprised by the sincere cordiality and hospitality of local residents. It is also nice that most of the inhabitants of Bulgaria understand Russian well and can express themselves in it..

Convenience and safety of movement

The bus transfer to Bulgaria takes only 1.5 days, and the air tour takes several hours. This direction is quite inexpensive, and for this money a tourist has a great opportunity to get a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions. Very often young couples prefer holidays in Bulgaria, and it is also popular to spend their honeymoon here. Bulgaria is suitable both for those who want to get acquainted with the culture of another country, and for those who just want to spend a couple of weeks at sea.

It should be noted that transport that does not meet European quality standards simply cannot cross the Bulgarian border. This in itself speaks of the quality of the buses that are used in bus tours to Bulgaria. Each of them has an air conditioner that can also work as a heater, and the comfortable seats will ensure that you are almost completely tired after long hours of travel..

Why Bus Tour?

Bus tours to Bulgaria have many advantages, among them the following can be distinguished:

  • The opportunity to meet new people and find travel companions, because it is during the bus tour that you are constantly close to people and in contact with them.
  • For those who feel uncomfortable when flying, this option will be not only psychologically more acceptable, but also more interesting..
  • The ability to make a stop on demand.
  • Comments from your personal guide who will accompany you throughout the trip; you can always contact the guide to make some kind of historical information or just inquire about the duration and features of the future or current route.
  • Fairly fast border crossing and baggage screening.
  • Opportunity to visit inexpensive beach resorts and relax by the sea.

If you book a bus tour, you can shift all the worries about your trip to your guide and professional drivers who will always accompany you. This would be a good option if you want to rest and relax..

Photos of bus tours to Bulgaria