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Education in Bulgaria

Education in Bulgaria is not as prestigious as in other countries, and education here is paid. But you can enter a Bulgarian university without passing exams, and the diplomas received are recognized in all European countries..

Getting an education in Bulgaria has the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to study in a master's program for 1 year and receive a master's degree after studying at a bachelor's degree (in other European countries, it will take 2-3 years to study);
  • High quality education;
  • Affordable tuition fees.

Higher education in Bulgaria

To enter an educational institution in Bulgaria, you will need knowledge of the Bulgarian language, which can be learned in preparatory classes at the university or in advance, in your homeland (Bulgarian is the language of the Slavic group, therefore, if you wish, you can master it in 3-5 months). In addition, prospective applicants must have a high school diploma and pass a simple entrance test..

The duration of the academic year in Bulgarian universities is 9 months (2 semesters 15 weeks each): it starts in October and ends in July, together with the written examination.

Higher education can be obtained at a university, specialized institute or college. Universities are universal: they can get any degree (bachelor, master, doctor of science), in colleges they study a certain direction in depth (here they get only a bachelor's degree), and in specialized institutes, in addition to obtaining theoretical knowledge, students are engaged in scientific and research activities.

The Sofia University named after Ohridski is very popular: students here are taught the humanities and natural sciences (journalism, history, law, pedagogy, biology, chemistry). If desired, at this university, you can take a 9-month intensive course in the study of the Bulgarian language. There is everything for a successful and quick mastery of the language - a language laboratory that helps to master the phonetic sound of the language, a computer class, a video library and a library..

You can enter the American University in Bulgaria - classes are taught here in English. To enter this university, you will have to pass the TOEFL or SAT test. The diploma received after training will be recognized not only in Europe, but also in the USA (graduates of the American University are invited to work in Canada, USA, EU countries).

Work while studying

Students do not need to apply for a special permit to work while studying (part-time).

By becoming a graduate of a Bulgarian university, you will become a qualified specialist, desired all over the world.

Photos of educational institutions in Bulgaria