Christmas in Sofia - photos, reviews

Christmas in Sofia

When planning to celebrate Christmas in Sofia, vacationers will make the right choice, because the capital of Bulgaria at this time has a special atmosphere filled with extraordinary cordiality and hospitality. In addition, festive festivities and folklore performances will be waiting for the guests of the capital..

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Sofia

Bulgarians celebrate Christmas (Koleda) on December 25: before Christmas (December 24), on Bdni evening, it is customary to gather at home and eat lean dishes (there must be an odd number, for example, 5 or 7), in particular, Banitsu pie. On the night of December 25, Bulgarians go to a solemn church service (a festive liturgy is held in the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky). And in the morning they begin to walk the streets and houses “coledari” (usually in groups of 10-12 people), wishing everyone health and well-being through old conspiracy songs. In addition, during the holidays, charity concerts and other events are organized within the framework of “Bulgarian Koleda” (collected funds are transferred to sick children).

On the Christmas table, Bulgarian housewives put stuffed cabbage rolls, pastries with feta cheese, fried pork, stuffed peppers and always banitsa with “surprise” - nuts, flower petals, coins, notes with wishes. Tourists should go for a festive dinner at one of the Bulgarian restaurants, for example, in “Hadjidraganovite kashti” or “Vodenitzata” (in addition to delicious dishes, guests will have a concert of traditional Bulgarian music).

Entertainment in Sofia during the Christmas holidays

On December 17-22, it is worth visiting the Russian Cultural and Information Center with children - there are performances, theatrical performances, dance competitions, games for them. In addition, those who wish can take part in driving round dances around the Christmas tree..

An excellent entertainment during the winter holidays can be a pastime on Vitosha Mountain - there are lifts, as well as trails for snowboards and skis, including cross-country skiing. And if you do not know how to ski, then experienced instructors will help you get up on skis..

Well, those who stay in Sofia until January will be able to attend the Surva Masquerade Festival - they will be able to see how Bulgarians in colorful clothes and terrifying masks scare away evil spirits.

Christmas markets in Sofia

You can visit the Sofia Central Market at any time of the year, but it is especially pleasant to do it at Christmas time - people come here to purchase food and all kinds of delicacies, accessories, clothes, jewelry, rose oil, handicrafts of Bulgarian artisans.

In general, winter Sofia will delight shopping lovers, as local shops arrange sales from late December to mid-January.