Food in Bulgaria. Food prices in Bulgaria: food

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine

Food in Bulgaria is of high quality, satisfying and relatively inexpensive. Thanks to moderate prices for food in Bulgaria, every tourist will be able to eat tasty and varied food in the country, even with an economical holiday option..

Food in Bulgaria

Favorite dishes of Bulgarians are:
- salads (most often they are sprinkled with cheese on top): the inhabitants of Bulgaria have a special love for the Shopska salad, which is based on fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and feta cheese;
- casseroles (shop-style siren, burek chushka);
- soups (chicken, tomato);
- fish and meat dishes.
Arriving in Bulgaria, you should definitely try the traditional cold soup "Tarator" (the main ingredients are sour milk, cucumbers, walnuts, garlic, dill), the second dishes called "Musaka" (potatoes baked with lamb and cheese), "Sarmi" (Bulgarian cabbage rolls), "Drob Sarma" (chopped liver baked with eggs and rice) ...
You can dine in Bulgaria by visiting local taverns - here you can order a complex lunch, as well as enjoy the main dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine.
If you decide to visit a restaurant, it is better to stop your choice at mehan (traditional Bulgarian restaurant) - a wide range of national dishes is presented here..
In case of a limited budget, you can dine in local inexpensive dining-bars, where you can taste delicious and good food..
Important: since the portions of dishes in Bulgaria are quite impressive, you should not immediately order all the dishes that you want to try..
If the cost is of significant importance to you, then you should take into account that you will have to pay a higher price for food in popular Bulgarian resorts..

Drinks in Bulgaria

Traditional drinks in Bulgaria are ayran, boza and Bulgarian wine..
Upon arrival in Bulgaria, you should try such famous Bulgarian wines as Muscat and Kadarka, as well as local beers - "Ariana", "Kamenitsa", "Zagorka".
If you are a lover of spirits, then you will like rakia - a liqueur for the preparation of which grapes, apricots or plums are used (the strength of the drink is up to 40%).

Gastronomic tour to Bulgaria

To experience the delights of Bulgarian cuisine, you should rent a car and drive around nearby towns and villages - the further they are located, the more colorful food you can taste (European cuisine has a great influence on local food in large cities). Having visited such villages, it is worth trying lamb stew and juicy gyuvech (roast of meat, potatoes and legumes).
You can get acquainted with Bulgarian cuisine in another way by visiting Food Festivals - you can take part in bright holidays and taste local dishes.
Having visited Bulgaria, you will find out that this is a country of delicious and unforgettably wonderful food..

Photos of national dishes of Bulgaria