Children's camps in Bulgaria for the summer. Children's camps in Bulgaria 2015

Children's camps in Bulgaria

Summer for a child is a long-awaited holiday that lasts three months. A trip to a children's camp in Bulgaria will help make it unforgettable and bright. Today tour operators offer a lot of worthy and attractive offers for children's recreation. Sending your child to a foreign resort is a great idea that can be brought to life without much hassle..

Why choose Bulgaria

Bulgaria is famous as a prestigious Black Sea resort. Affordable prices and a high level of service are the advantages of tourism in this country. For a child, there is nothing better than relaxing on the seashore with their peers. Children's holidays in Bulgarian camps are becoming more and more popular among our compatriots.

The climate in Bulgaria is favorable for children's health. There is a warm and clean sea, wide sandy beaches with gentle shores. The air on the coast is considered to be healing. In general, the climate in the Bulgarian resorts is very similar to the conditions of Anapa or Crimea..

The main health factors that speak in favor of a holiday in Bulgaria:

  • warm waters of the Black Sea;
  • sunbathing;
  • relatively low air humidity;
  • fresh air saturated with sea fumes and plant aromas;
  • abundance of fresh and organic products.

All of these factors have a positive effect on the health of children. Therefore, a vacation in a Bulgarian camp will be very useful for any child..

What attracts Bulgarian camps

Almost all children's camps offer comfortable accommodation: 3 or 4 people in a room with all conveniences. This favorably distinguishes the camps in Bulgaria from the children's camps in Russia, where children usually live for 6-8 people in a room. The quality of rest in the Bulgarian resorts is much higher, and the prices remain affordable.

Each camp is equipped with swimming pools, water parks, tennis courts, sports fields and discos. In the camps, 3-4 meals a day are practiced, including by type «Buffet». At the same time, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is guaranteed. The child can have a snack during the day, as well as juice and water.

The infrastructure of children's centers and recreation areas in this country is very well developed. Therefore, in recent years, creative and sports teams from Russia have preferred to go there. The camps offer rich entertainment programs for children, which are compiled by experienced teachers, animators and counselors. Bulgaria has extensive experience in organizing children's recreation at resorts. Accordingly, work with children of different ages is carried out professionally..

Schoolchildren are offered exciting excursion programs at low prices. There are many attractions on the territory of the country that will be of interest to children: ancient cities, botanical gardens, zoos, monasteries, palaces and monuments.

Photos of children's camps in Bulgaria