Car rental in Bulgaria. Car rental in Bulgaria - prices

Rent a car in Bulgaria

To rent a car in Bulgaria, you will need to prepare very few documents: a driver's license and a passport. Rights can also be Russian. The driver must be 23 years old. Requirements for driving experience - it must be at least 3 years, otherwise you can take a car, but it will cost more: you will have to pay extra for using the car. A credit card is not required in most cases. But the cost of rental in Bulgaria includes rhinestones:

  • Insurance by the type of OSAGO;
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Vignette and VAT.

Additionally, you can pay for CASCO, the presence of a second driver and a child seat.

The choice of car brands in the country is not that large, but on «mechanics» the prices are divine. If you are used to driving such a car, then this is a reason to save money..

Bulgaria has very beautiful nature, interesting architecture, excellent beaches and warm sea. Do not forget about the hospitality of the locals. Many hotels, which are several decades old, are refreshed today as a result of renovation. And the service has gotten better. However, the prices for tours have become higher. Still, they are not outrageous, so the country has not become an expensive destination. It turns out that she is still focused on «mass tourist».

Here you can carry out a relatively inexpensive family vacation, especially if you are traveling with children. You can take care of yourself and take a course of the same inexpensive, but high-quality treatment. Many travelers go after him to Bulgaria. In winter, skiers flock here, who also need a budget vacation..

National parks of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has several beautiful nature reserves that are popular with tourists. This is the territory of three national parks located in the Stara Planina, Pirin and Rila mountains. There are eleven natural parks in total: «Blue stones», «Vitosha», «Rila Monastery», «Strandja» and others. There are over eighty reserves. Of these, two can be highlighted: «Chuprene» and «Srebryna».

The Valley of Roses is no less beautiful. It looks like a fantasy of a brilliant artist, which came true. Even a few kilometers from the valley, you will be accompanied by the wonderful scent of roses, lavender and mint. True, this smell can make your head spin. Therefore, be careful while driving: do not forget and do not admire the queen of flowers, watch the road. And if you feel dizzy, then stop, take a walk. Then it will be possible to move on the road again.