Trip to Bulgaria

Trip to Bulgaria

The trip to Bulgaria will be comfortable, since it is very convenient to move around the country.

Urban vehicles

The cities of the country offer several modes of transportation. These are: buses; trams; trolleybuses. The only operating metro line is only in the capital of the country, Sofia.

Unfortunately, public transport is almost always overcrowded, not just during rush hour. In addition, the technical condition of the machines leaves much to be desired. The only exception is the Sofia bus depot, which has been completely renovated relatively recently..

Intercity communication in Bulgaria is well developed. And even the relatively outdated buses that make up the bulk of the fleet allow you to travel in a comfortable environment. In addition, getting from city to city is quick and not too expensive. In any city in Bulgaria you will certainly find a bus station. I am very glad that bus services are carried out in accordance with the available schedule..

In addition to buses, you can use the services of fixed-route taxis and the so-called mini-buses. Their routes coincide with intercity lines. And the only difference is fewer stops.

Taxis in the country have a traditional yellow color and classic «checkers». A price list must be displayed on the side window of the car. Quite often, you can negotiate with taxi drivers, but at night and on holidays there are higher rates..

If desired, you can travel around the country in a rented car. To do this, you will need a license issued in accordance with international standards and 21 years of age.

Air transport

Bulgaria occupies a relatively small territory, but there are 204 airport complexes in the country. Three of them are of international importance. The price for domestic flights is $ 60-80 (one way). Good discounts are typical for the off-season.

It is not profitable to travel by plane around the country, since you can also get to the coast by bus. The journey will take several hours and will cost significantly less.


The road network covers almost all cities in the country. And the price of the trips is quite affordable. If you prefer to travel in comfort, buy tickets for international trains. Such a trip will cost a little more..

The trains in Bulgaria are divided into two types: express; passenger. You can travel both in seated places (here you will be offered a choice of two classes), and in sleeping compartments designed for four and six places. If you decide to get to the resort areas by train, then it is best to book tickets in advance.