Tourism in Bulgaria - development, photo

Tourism in Bulgaria

Excellent climatic conditions and the presence of the gentle Black Sea are two main factors that provide Bulgaria with a constant flow of tourists, starting from May and almost until the end of October. Then the coast freezes until spring, curious guests who drop in here in winter are a rare occurrence. But ski resorts come to life, perhaps their level is far from the leaders, French or Swiss colleagues, but students can afford it..

Therefore, tourism in Bulgaria is focused on summer vacations and creating comfortable conditions for all categories of tourists. There are resorts for active party-goers who do not sleep at night, places to stay with children. There are quiet cozy hotels for newlyweds or for couples who celebrated the 30th anniversary of their happy life together..

sunny Beach

This is both the name of one of the most expensive Bulgarian resorts, and a definition that applies equally to the entire coast of the country. The beaches of Bulgaria are sandy, famous for their cleanliness and well-groomed, while they are free and accessible to everyone. There is a symbolic fee for umbrellas and sun loungers.

For lovers of outdoor activities on the beach, volleyball courts, tennis courts, bicycle rental, horseback riding, boats, bananas, scooters are provided.

Hotel fund

There is no shortage of hotels and places to stay in the cities located on the coast. Hotels for all tastes, boarding houses, sanatoriums, children's camps. In addition, local residents also try to earn money in the summer, so there is an opportunity to rent an apartment, apartment or room..

In private hotels and inns, you can order accommodation with meals, but the resorts have such a large number of restaurants and cafes that tourists prefer to take only breakfast, most often in the form «buffet».

Bulgarian souvenir

Resting in this wonderful sunny country, every tourist wants to take with him a piece of hospitable Bulgaria and the memory of it. Most often these are dolls in national costumes, linen clothes, decorated with traditional embroidery and lace. Local artisans are popular in leather, silver or copper. Women can't refuse to buy perfume from Rose Valley.

Gastronomic souvenirs from Bulgaria are rakia, a local variety of vodka, delicious sunny grape wines. There is one more specific alcoholic drink that belongs to the truly Bulgarian - mastic. It is also good as a souvenir for colleagues and family..