Prices in Golden Sands - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Golden Sands

Prices in Golden Sands

The most expensive Bulgarian resort is Golden Sands. This is the largest resort that has been popular with Russians since the days of the USSR. Accommodation prices in Golden Sands are 80% higher than in other resorts in the country.
This resort experienced its rebirth at the end of the last century. Today it meets all the latest trends and standards in the tourism industry. Sanatoriums in Golden Sands have gone through modernization thanks to significant investments. The resort is located 18 km from Varna and 17 km from Albena. The nature there is unique: centuries-old forests are combined with spacious sandy beaches. In some places, the width of the beach area exceeds 100 m.

Cost of living

There are no residential buildings in Golden Sands, there are only hotels. A double room in a 3 * hotel costs 100 euros per night. A similar room in a Burgas hotel costs 30% less. The beach season in Golden Sands lasts from May to September. During this period, accommodation prices reach their maximum. Hotel reservations must be made in advance. Accommodation in a 2 * hotel costs at least 800 rubles per day. Four-star hotels offer rooms at 2300 per night per person.

If you eat in the resort's cafe, then the average daily consumption will be 40 euros. On the beach, cafes are located every 100 m. The range of dishes in them is approximately the same. Prices in restaurants and cafes decrease with distance from the beach area.

Entertainment and excursions

The main goal of tourists is to enjoy a beach holiday in Golden Sands. This resort has been awarded a blue flag for its environmental friendliness. It is perfect for outdoor activities. There are many attractions and water slides in the beach area. All beach services are subject to payment. You can rent a sunbed for the whole day for 4 BGN.
Life is in full swing here even at night. The resort has several famous discos. Therefore, residents of nearby hotels hear the screams of young people on a spree in the morning. Apart from nightclubs, all other entertainment venues close at 23-00. Resting in Golden Sands with small children is not very convenient. Basically, all the beaches have a steep descent into the water due to the mountainous terrain. Children can be entertained by visiting the water park «Aquapolis». Children from 90 to 120 cm in height are admitted with a ticket, the cost of which is 16 levs. An adult ticket costs 33 levs. On the territory of Golden Sands there are fitness centers and balneotherapy facilities. There you can sign up for medical treatments to improve your health with the help of mineral baths. Fans of excursions can go to Varna, visit the Orthodox monastery Aladzh. Bus group excursions cost at least 50 euros.