What is the sea in Bulgaria? Sea in Bulgaria: photo, map

Bulgarian sea

Sunny Bulgaria takes one of the first places in terms of the number of tourists visiting it annually among other countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The reason for this is the sea in Bulgaria, in the resorts of which several generations of Russian travelers prefer to relax and improve their health. When asked which sea washes Bulgaria, there is the only correct answer - the Black Sea. It is it that, for more than 370 kilometers, serves as the country's border in the east..

Beach vacation

Modern resorts in Bulgaria are approaching the best European ones in terms of comfort and service, although their prices remain more democratic and affordable even for a mass tourist. The main Black Sea resorts emerged many years ago, but the recent reorganization of infrastructure and hotel facilities allows them to adequately compete with young and modern.
Among the most popular resorts on the sea in Bulgaria are:

  • Golden Sands, the name of which speaks for itself. The best beaches in the country are located here.
  • Albena. Boasts the widest coastal strip of sand.
  • Sunny Beach, where resort life boils with equal success both day and night.
  • Sozopol, a favorite vacation spot for local and European bohemians.

The water temperature in the Black Sea off the Bulgarian coast depends on the season and its values ​​are very different from each other even during the summer. At the end of May, the bravest are already swimming, although thermometers rarely show more than +18 degrees. By July, the water warms up to +24 degrees, and the swimming season lasts until October.

«Black» means «northern»

Historians believe that the name of the Black Sea appeared in ancient times, when the sides of the horizon were associated with a certain color among the inhabitants of the Mediterranean territories. The north was called black, and therefore the sea, located in the north of the Mediterranean, received such a name. For connoisseurs of history, there is another correct answer to the question, which seas are in Bulgaria. Pont Aksinsky was called in the old days the Black Sea, which in translation meant «Inhospitable».
It is inland and belongs to the Atlantic basin. It is connected with other seas by several straits. Kerch - with the Azov Sea, and the Bosphorus - with the Marmara Sea. The area of ​​one of the largest seas in Eurasia is about 420 thousand square kilometers, and the deepest is more than 2.2 km. Deep layers of water are saturated with hydrogen sulfide, and therefore life in the Black Sea below 150 meters is almost completely absent.

Photos of the coast of Bulgaria