What to take to Bulgaria. What things and medicines to take with you to Bulgaria

What to take to Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria are popular with many Russians. If you properly assemble your travel bag, then the trip will give you only positive emotions. What to take to Bulgaria for a good holiday?
This country has everything you need for a good rest. But you need to take some things with you. The list of required tourist attributes includes a set of documents. So that you do not have any problems when crossing the border, take the following documents:

  • passport with a visa;
  • general passport;
  • birth certificate of a child (if traveling with a child);
  • medical insurance;
  • power of attorney from the second parent to leave the child (if the child travels to Bulgaria with only one of the parents).

Usually the tour operator takes care of all the paperwork. Experienced travelers are advised to wrap documents in plastic wrap or fold in a bag. Once in Bulgaria, carry your passport with a visa with you, as local police often check the documents of tourists. If you have planned an independent trip to different cities of the country, you can rent a car. The rental price is about 30 euros per day. In this case, you must definitely have an international driver's license..

What money to take to Bulgaria

The country is located in the Eurozone, however the main currency is Bulgarian money, not the Euro. It is more profitable to exchange them outside Bulgaria. As for Russian rubles, cash can be changed at the hotel. You do not need to carry large amounts of cash with you. Money over 1000 euros must be declared. A video camera and a photo camera will also require customs clearance.

Leisure clothing

The choice of things depends on the purpose of your visit to Bulgaria. In summer, vacationers tend to visit the country's beautiful beaches. For a beach holiday, you will need bathing accessories, a hat and sun protection cream. You can take your evening dress with you to the restaurant. Light suits are recommended for men. It makes no sense to carry full suitcases with clothes. In this country, people try to dress simply. In winter, Bulgaria is of interest to fans of skiing. Good trails are offered by Borovets, Vitosha, Pamporovo, Bansko and other resorts. When going to such places, put insulated pants, boots, jeans, a sweater, thermal underwear, a ski jacket and other things for an active winter holiday in your suitcase.

Photos of necessary things