Bulgarian wines are red, dry, white. The best wines of Bulgaria

Wine of Bulgaria

Fraternal Bulgaria has long been familiar to the Russian inhabitant both as a beach resort and as a wine-making state. It is confidently among the top ten countries in terms of the number of cultivated vineyards, and Bulgarian wines, produced at a rate of 10 million hectoliters per year, are popular not only among tourists vacationing on its beaches, but also outside the country..

History with geography

The Thracians who settled on the territory of modern Bulgaria brought wine-making traditions to these lands. They elevated the production and use of wine into a special cult, which allowed the creation of an entire industry long before the onset of a new era..
The Slavs, who replaced the Thracians, inherited a well-functioning economy, which even Khan Krum, who brought Islam to Bulgaria in the 9th century, could not eradicate. Despite the five hundred years of Ottoman rule, the Bulgarians did not lose their traditions of winemaking, and in the 19th century, after the liberation from the yoke, Bulgarian wine was again produced in large volumes..
There are several main wine-growing regions where you can take a wine tour:

  • The Black Sea region in the east of the country, where numerous varieties are cultivated for producing semi-dry white wines. The local climate allows the grapes to store a sufficient amount of sugar. Warm autumn months and late onset of cold weather make it possible for late varieties to ripen..
  • The plain along the Danube in northern Bulgaria is characterized by hot summers. The local climate is especially suitable for the ripening of nutmeg and red fruits. At the wineries of the Danube Plain, you can taste the sparkling wines of Bulgaria, dry white brands and high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
  • The southern regions of Bulgaria are the Thracian lowlands with wineries on the slopes of Sakar Mountain. The highlight of the local program is wine from the local Mavrud variety. Late ripening gives these fruits a particularly rich taste, and the Bulgarian wines made from it are still, dessert and red sparkling.
  • The Struma River Valley is a small but very famous Bulgarian wine region. Its inhabitants are proud that Churchill himself annually ordered 500 liters of local wine from the Shiroka Melnishka vine variety..

Tours and wines

Going on vacation to Bulgaria, you can always combine the pleasant with the very pleasant and order a wine tour with a visit to famous wineries in one of the regions of the country. Especially popular with guests is the route that includes cruises on the Danube and wine tasting of Bulgaria at the wineries of the Danube Plain.