Things to do in Cambodia - amusement parks in Cambodia

Things to do in Cambodia

Things to do in Cambodia

Entertainment in Cambodia can be quite unusual, but the main place to visit is the city of Angkor..

Ta Prohm Monastery (Angkor)

According to one version, Rudyard Kipling, who wrote «Mowgli», it was this temple that he used as a prototype of the city for his book. Here you will find the same masonry, torn apart by huge tree roots, and many vines, entangling the temple like a spider's web. It is in this form that the monastery appears before visitors and this is not an oversight of the authorities. It's just that nothing has changed here since the time the monastery was discovered by a French expedition. A storm of emotions at the sight of unbridled beauty engulfs everyone who comes here for the first time.

Crocodile farm

One of the favorite attractions for children. On the shore of a reservoir with muddy water, far from the audience, a huge number of crocodiles of all sizes and ages are located. Reptiles are fun to watch, so be prepared for the kids to spend a few hours here..
If desired, crocodiles can be fed, but you will have to pay extra for this.

While the kids are watching the crocodiles, parents can stop by the local store. Here you will be offered wallets, belts, handbags for phones just from the skins of alligators peacefully basking in the sun. Just remember that in the Phnom Penh market, you can buy exactly the same accessories for half the price..

Shooting Range (Phnom Penh)

This is entertainment for real men. After the beauties from local bars are already on edge, it's time to try on «hide» Rimbaud. In shooting ranges located in the suburbs of the capital, you will be offered real military weapons. Surprisingly, almost half of the newly-minted Rimbaud are women.

Ta Keo (Siem Reap)

The temple already attracts attention from afar. And it is not surprising, since this stepped hulk does not look at all like other local temples..

The thick walls of the structure are made of sandstone and are completely devoid of any decorations. Archaeologists are unanimous in the opinion that the temple was simply not completed, since the customer of the construction - King Jayavarman V - died before the construction was completed. And the next monarch did not consider it necessary to complete the process. But even in this form, Ta Keo is an original structure. It looks especially majestic in the rays of the rising or setting sun..

Bayon Temple (Angkor)

This is the main temple of the abandoned city. It was around it that the houses of nobility and priests were located, but only the foundations of those buildings have survived to this day. The wooden houses of ordinary residents swallowed up the jungle.

The Bayon Temple is a symbol of Angkor, occupying the third place in recognition. A distinctive feature is the face of King Javayarman VII, which adorns all 53 towers of the temple. It is especially surprising that the ancient ruler is completely different from modern monarchs. A typical Inca leader looks at us from the towers!


  • Things to do in Cambodia
  • Things to do in Cambodia
  • Things to do in Cambodia