Holidays in Cambodia in June: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cambodia in June

Vacation in Cambodia in June

Vacation in Cambodia in June

This country is ready for change. This is evidenced by at least the fact that over the past forty years the name of the state has changed six times, respectively, and the main vectors of development. Moreover, there is a return to the monarchy and royal traditions: from the Khmer Republic and Democratic Kampuchea to today's proud name - the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Weather in June in Cambodia

The Cambodian summer that began in May, hot and humid, will not please the tourist in any other way in June. The air temperature is even higher, the column tends to + 30C ° and above, all this is at the level of high humidity.

Fortunately, the June rains in this country, although abundant, will not take a lot of time away from a tourist. Everything dries up very quickly and the heat returns. Therefore, the risk is small, and a vacation in Cambodia in June may be the best time for a tourist not only of the year, but also of decades..


If you get tired of relaxing on the coast or the heat becomes unbearable, then it is better to do a cultural program, take a trip to the capital, the glorious city of Phnom Penh. You can start your tour from the Royal Palace. True, since it is the residence of the current leader, a simple tourist is unlikely to be allowed inside. But the external decoration is also worth seeing..

Another, perhaps even more interesting, structure is the Silver Pagoda. It got this name because the floor is a plate of precious metal that a tourist can walk across. The statues located here are even more admired. The Emerald Buddha is a work of art made from Baccarat crystal (a special kind of crystal). The Golden Buddha, besides being made of noble metal, is also decorated with diamonds. True, the memories of them will have to be kept in the heart, photographing is strictly prohibited..

Culinary tourism

The cuisine of the southeastern part of Asia has always attracted Europeans. Coming to rest in this country, many tourists devote a lot of time to local restaurants, trying to understand what is the taste (in the literal sense) of local life.

The national Cambodian cuisine is based on five main ingredients: meat and fish, herbs and vegetables, but the main component of almost all dishes is rice. But in this country there are products for the exotic lover - frogs, snakes, turtles and even sparrows.

The good news is that the locals are not so keenly aware of the need for spices. Unlike the very spicy neighboring Thai cuisine, the soups in Cambodian restaurants are even suitable for baby food. Like fish, which is baked right in lettuce leaves and then dipped in a spicy sauce.

This country will delight the tourist with local soft drinks, only here you can raise a glass filled with sugarcane or palm tree juice. Well, coconut milk is in the order of things in every home..

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  • Vacation in Cambodia in June
  • Vacation in Cambodia in June