Coat of arms of Cambodia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Cambodia

Coat of arms of Cambodia

Experienced historians, who have seen many different emblems and signs in their lifetime, argue that the coat of arms of Cambodia is one of the most beautiful on the planet. And although the composition of the main symbol of this South Asian country is sustained in classical traditions, the national character is also manifested quite clearly. The main official symbol of the state of Cambodia is also the coat of arms of the king of the country.

Description of the coat of arms

The color palette of the emblem is quite modest, but at the same time it looks very bright and solemn. This is due to the large amount of gold details. Individual small elements are painted in blue, green and azure colors, shading the royal gold.

The images of individual details of the coat of arms are made in the best artistic traditions of the nation. Each of them has a complex structure and decoration system. The central roles are assigned to:

  • a golden royal crown crowning the composition;
  • supporters in the form of golden lions (one of them with a trunk and tusks);
  • five-tiered royal umbrellas.

The headdress of the supreme ruler depicted on the coat of arms is very beautiful, decorated with details and patterns. In addition, the sun's rays seem to diverge from its top, a kind of reminder of the proximity of kings to heaven and the main heavenly body..

Below the crown, on a kind of pedestal, is a Cambodian sword, symbolizing the power and defense of the state, the readiness of residents to defend the freedom and independence of the country.

Lions stand on their hind legs, but with their front legs, in addition to the shield itself, they hold multi-tiered umbrellas, made in accordance with national traditions. According to the rules, the more levels, the richer person they belong, and the five-tiered defenders from rain and sun are attributes worthy of the king of Cambodia.

Kampuchea and its coat of arms

In the twentieth century, the country has experienced many revolutionary upheavals and economic cataclysms. These searches for their own path were reflected in the main state symbol, which changed dramatically each time. In this case, the main religious symbols or cultural and historical monuments of Cambodia were most often used..

When the so-called period of friendship with the Soviet Union began, the image of the coat of arms took on a familiar round shape and had well-known symbols. Plants, dams, gears, ears of corn and other plants intertwined with scarlet ribbons appeared on the emblem. These elements symbolized the important achievements of the country's inhabitants in the economy and agriculture..


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